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  • How Mobile Spatial Statistics Began

Technology Reports & Collaboration Projects (Special Articles)

"Mobile Spatial Statistics" Supporting Development of Society and Industry
- Population Estimation Technology Using Mobile Network Statistical Data and Applications -

Technology Reports

    • Supporting Growth in Society and Industry Using Statistical Data from Mobile Terminal Networks - Overview of Mobile Spatial Statistics -
    • Population Estimation Technology for Mobile Spatial Statistics
    • Evaluating Reliability of Mobile Spatial Statistics
    • Large-Scale Data Processing Infrastructure for Mobile Spatial Statistics

Collaboration Projects

    • Using Mobile Spatial Statistics in Field of Urban Planning
    • Using Mobile Spatial Statistics in Field of Disaster Prevention Planning
    • Using Mobile Spatial Statistics for Regional Revitalization

Technology Reports (Special Articles)

  • New Service Merging Communications and Broadcasting -NOTTV-
    • Service Overview of NOTTV Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting for Smartphones
    • Mobile Terminal Technology Supporting Mobacas Service -Mobacas Software Platform for Android-
    • Mobile Device Technology Supporting Mobacas Service -Radio Hardware Technology-
    • Recommendation Technology for Promoting Use of NOTTV

Technology Reports

  • User-created Application Sharing Platform Enabling Users to Create Their Own Activity Support Applications


  • RA-12 and WRC-12 Reports


  • Virtual PBX-type Services in Office link

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