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VOL.7 NO.3


  • Toward a World-Class DOCOMO R&D Center

New Technology Reports

  • Object Distinction Technology for Information Retrieval by Mobile Cameras
  • Fair Electronic Voucher Exchange Technology for Mobile Terminals

Development Reports

  • i-channel Services Systems
  • FOMA Boosters for Indoor Areas

Collaboration Projects

  • Natural Viewing 3D Display
  • Noise-Robust Speech Recognition Technologies in Mobile Environments
  • Objective Evaluation of Tactile Sensation for Tactile Communication
  • Teleoperation of Real-time Robotics
  • Vibration Suppression Control of Light-Weight High-Speed Humanoid Robot Arm
  • Service Intermediation Technologies Assisting Users' Daily Lives
  • Personal Area Networks Using Mobile Terminals
  • P2P Streaming Linked with Home Networks
  • "Secure" Distributed Management Scheme of Confidential Information


  • GCF Certification Scheme


  • Foundation of DOCOMO Capital, Inc.

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