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VOL.12 NO.1


  • Providing the Best Services that Customers Can Depend on

Technology Reports (Special Articles)

  • Special Articles on All-IP Network Technology -Evolution of Core Network-
    • IP-based FOMA Voice Network toward Enhanced Services and Improved Efficiencies
    • Expansion of IP Backbone Network Functions for All-IP Network
    • Highly Accurate Failure Detection System for Large-scale IP Networks

Technology Reports

  • RRE Shared between W-CDMA and LTE Systems
  • Use and Protection Technology of Terminal Operation History-Support for How Terminals are Used-


  • Standardization Trends in LTE Enhancement
  • Further Enhancements of LTE-LTE Release 9-


  • Otayori Photo Service System-Send a Smile Right Now-
  • Core Network Functions for OPF Terminals in Global Services

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