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VOL.23 NO.4


Becoming a Green Carrier

Technology Reports(Special Articles)

Special Articles on AI—Expansion of AI Technologies to Diverse Industries and Basic Technologies Supporting AI Applications—

  • Natural Language Processing for Realizing DX
  • Multifunctional Automatic News Article Summarization AI System for Efficient Summarization
  • A Recommendation Engine Using Time Series Prediction Models of User Behavior
  • Providing Image Recognition AI via the DOCOMO Image Recognition Platform
  • “Generic POI Recommendation”: A Brand-new Deep Learning Approach for Discovering Potential Sightseeing Spots
  • Self-driving Support System toward Personal Mobility Using Edge AI-compatible 5G Device

Technology Reports

  • SR-based Routers in 5G MBH
  • Migration to ETSI NFV Stage 3 Specification-compliant Multivendor MANO Configuration on Network Virtualization Platform


  • Standardization of Frameworks for Industrial Application Enablement in 3GPP

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  • Vol.22 No.4 Special Articles on AI for Improving Services and Solving Social Problems
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  • Vol.22 No.2 Special Articles on 5G (1) —NTT DOCOMO 5G Initiatives for Solving Social Problems and Achieving Social Transformation—
  • Vol.22 No.1 Overview of 5G Commercial Service
  • Vol.21 No.4 Special Articles on Next-generation Mobility Services
  • Vol.21 No.3 Special Articles on 5G Pre-commercial Service
  • Vol.21 No.2 Special Articles on AI Supporting a Prosperous and Diverse Society
  • Vol.21 No.1 Special Articles on Smart OPS for Further Efficiency and Advancement of Network Operations
  • Vol.20 No.4 Special Articles on Making Life More Convenient and Seamless-toward Future Lifestyles
  • Vol.20 No.3 Special Articles on New AI Agent
  • 25th Anniversary Current and Future R&D at NTT DOCOMO for the 5G Era
  • Vol.20 No.2 Special Articles on AI Technologies Contributing to Industry and Society
  • Vol.20 No.1 Special Articles on Demonstration of New Technologies for 5G
  • Vol.19 No.4 Improving Customer Satisfaction and Operator Efficiency in Call Centers Using AI —Speech Recognition IVR—
  • Vol.19 No.3 Special Articles on 5G Standardization Trends Toward 2020
  • Vol.19 No.2 eSIM for Consumer Devices toward Expanded eSIM Usage - Secure Installation Conforming to GSMA -
  • Vol.19 No.1 Base-station Equipment and Router-type Mobile Terminal Supporting 4×4 MIMO and 256QAM for 682 Mbps Maximum on Downlink
  • Vol.18 No.4 Application of Biological Gas Analysis toward Self-health Management
  • Vol.18 No.3 Translation Application with a View to 2020: Tegaki Hon'yaku
  • Vol.18 No.2 Special Articles on Introducing the 3.5-GHz Band
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