'Can access anytime, anywhere and with anyone'.
Key to realizing this is the efficient use of the spectrum which is a limited resource.
DOCOMO's R&D has been taking on this challenge with various technologies.

Evolution of the mobile communication network


5G (Fifth-Generation Mobile Communications System)

5G is a next generation mobile communications system which will succeed LTE-Advanced.
NTT DOCOMO is conducting research and development, aiming at launching the commercial service in 2020. The system is targeting peak data rates of over 10 Gbps and approx. 1000-times capacity increase compared to that of LTE.

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)

Network Functions Virtualisation is a technology which enables effective use and flexible operation of hardware constituting a core network and improves connectivity of a communications network.
DOCOMO, which is deeply committed in standardization of NFV, is developing a system consisting of device and software from multiple vendors to enjoy the maximum advantage of NFV and introduces it into the commercial network in March 2016.


LTE-Advanced is a further enhancement of LTE. It is backward compatible with LTE and thus allows a smooth migration from LTE. It is also called as true 4G system. NTT DOCOMO launched the service with the maximum downlink data rate of 255 Mbps in March 2015.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

LTE is a radio access system used not only in Japan but globally.
NTT DOCOMO's R&D proposed the concept in 2004 and it was standardized in 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), an international standardization developing organization.
NTT DOCOMO launched the commercial service under the name of Xi (Crossy)® in December 2010 and currently is providing the service with the maximum data rate of 150 Mbps (as per March 2015) in the downlink.

HSPA(High Speed Packet Access)

HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) is a packet communications system which is an expansion of the W-CDMA system toward higher downlink and uplink data rates. The rapid penetration of imode expanded the world of broadband, and NTT DOCOMO's R&D started development of HSPA. NTT DOCOMO launched the service in August 2006 and currently provides the service with the maximum data rates of 14 Mbps in the downlink and  5.7 Mbps in the uplink.

W-CDMA(Wideband Code Division Multiple Access)

W-CDMA is a 3rd generation mobile communications system. NTT DOCOMO's R&D started research and development of the W-CDMA system in early 1990s and launched the commercial service as FOMA® in October 2001.

Major Technologies

Technical information regarding major research and development results produced by DOCOMO R&D is available in PDF format.

Note that the following technologies are introduced in the pages for related technologies.

Major Technologies(Network)

Radio access networks and core networks-related technologies are introduced.

Major Technologies(Terminals)

Technologies concerning mobile phones, terminal modules and equipment used for research and development are introduced.


Technologies concerning services provided by DOCOMO are introduced.

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