Major Technologies (Services)


Technologies concerning services provided by DOCOMO are introduced.

The following technologies are presented in the pages for related technologies.


Technologies and services about the translation services are described.

PDFTranslation Application with a View to 2020: Tegaki Hon'yaku (PDF format:2MB)

PDFSpoken Language Translation Services for Diverse Usage Scenes (PDF format:1MB)

Image Recognition

Technology development of the Image Recognition is described.

PDFDeep Learning-based Image Recognition Applications (PDF format:2MB)

PDFHigh-speed, Large-scale Image Recognition and API (PDF format:2MB)

PDFExpanded Mobile Services with Glasses-Type Devices - Service Usage Proposals for Intelligent Glass - (PDF format:3MB)

Speech Interaction

Technologies and services about the Speech Interaction Technology are described.

PDFNatural-language Dialogue Platform for Development of Voice-interactive Services (PDF format:2MB)

PDFDOCOMO DriveNet Info (PDF format:2MB)

PDFCasual Conversation Technology Achieving Natural Dialog with Computers (PDF format:1MB)

PDFKnowledge Q&A: Direct Answers to Natural Questions (PDF format:813KB)

Natural Language Processing

Technologies and services about the Natural Language Processing Technology are described.

PDFTechnology to Discover Local Events Using Twitter (PDF format:1MB)

Location Information Processing

Technologies and services about the Location Information Processing Technology are described.

PDFBehavior Sensing Technology for O2O Marketing - Energy-saving Location Estimation, Flexible Information Delivery Control, Customer Behavior Visualization and Analysis - (PDF format:5MB)

Services that provide in the event of a disaster

Technologies and services that provide in the event of a disaster are described.

PDFDisaster Voice Messaging Service (PDF format:925KB)

PDFDelivering Tsunami Warnings via “Area Mail” Early Warning System (PDF format:650KB)

PDFAdvanced Warning Message Distribution Platform for the Next-generation Mobile Communication Network (PDF format:595KB)

PDFEmergency Information Broadcasting Distribution System (PDF format:609KB)

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