Major Technologies (Network)


Radio access networks and core networks-related technologies are introduced.

The following technologies are presented in the pages for related technologies.

Green Base Station

Approaches to Environmentally-Friendly, Disaster-Resistant Green Base Station are describd.

PDFWeathercast-linked Control in Environmentally Friendly, Disaster-resistant Green Base Stations and Field Trials (PDF format:2MB)

PDFGreen Base Station Power Control Technologies for Reducing Costs and Diaster Risks (PDF format:1MB)

PDFEnvironmentally-Friendly, Disaster-Resistant Green Base Station Test Systems (PDF format:933KB)

Speech and Audio Codec

Speech and audio coding systems are described.

PDF3GPP EVS Codec for Unrivaled Speech Quality and Future Audio Communication over VoLTE (PDF format:2MB)

PDFMPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding Enabling Efficient Coding of both Speech and Music (PDF format:706KB)

Positioning Method

Positioning Method and Location Information Functions employing those systems are described.

PDFAdvanced Positioning Method for Smartphones - Support of A-GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) and UE-A Positioning- (PDF format:2MB)

FOMA Location Information Functions Using SUPL International Roaming

ALL-IP Network

Technologies that realize ALL-IP networks are described.

PDFBasic SAE Management Technology for Realizing All-IP Network (PDF format:621KB)

PDFMobility Management for All-IP Core Network (PDF format:508KB)

PDFIP-based FOMA Voice Network toward Enhanced Services and Improved Efficiencies (PDF format:1,021KB)

PDFExpansion of IP Backbone Network Functions for All-IP Network (PDF format:832KB)

PDFHighly Accurate Failure Detection System for Large-scale IP Networks (PDF format:852KB)

PDFEthernet Transmission Equipment ERP-SW for All-IP Transmission Paths (PDF format:730KB)

High-speed Mobile Satellite Communications

Technologies concerning WIDESTAR Ⅱ; high-speed mobile satellite communications service realizing diverse satellite communications, are described.

PDFOverview of WIDESTAR Ⅱ Mobile Satellite Communications System and Service (PDF format:1MB)

PDFOverview of WIDESTAR Ⅱ Mobile Satellite Communications Scheme (PDF format:852KB)

PDFWIDESTAR Ⅱ Satellite Core Network System (PDF format:960KB)

PDFWIDESTAR Ⅱ Satellite Base Station Equipment (PDF format:794KB)

PDFWIDESTAR Ⅱ Base Station Maintenance and Monitoring System (PDF format:804KB)

Radio Access Network

Radio control equipment such as base stations and outdoor boosters is described.

Outdoor Booster Equipment for 2GHz FOMA

Super-compact Base Station for Femtocells

Core Network

Technology development concerning core network equipment is described.

FOMA Core Network xGSN Packet Processing Nodes

Media Processing Node for Providing Value-added Media Services

The basics of Mobile Communication

Basic technologies to realize Mobile Communications are described.

Mobile Radio Transmission System

Multiple Access

W-CDMA Technology Supporting Third-Generation Mobile Communications System

Cellular Mobile Communication System

Mobile Communications Network

Antennas, Base and Mobile Stations

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