Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)


Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) is a technology to implement network functions as software and run them on virtualized hardware instead of conventional dedicated hardware. Since the start of basic research on Network Functions Virtualisation in 2005, DOCOMO has been actively engaged in experimental trials with world-leading vendors and standardization activities. By gradually applying NFV technology over wider areas in our network, DOCOMO will continue to provide better services for customers.

NFV-related Technical Journals

This is the introduction of the Technical Journals that carry Network Functions Virtualisation-related articles.

VOL.18 NO.1

Special Articles on Network Functions Virtualisation - Toward a Robust and Elastic Network -

  • Application of Virtualization Technology to Communications Networks
  • Activities toward NFV Standardization
  • Practical Implementation of Virtualization Platform in NTT DOCOMO Network
  • Introduction of SDN Technology for Achieving NFV

VOl.15 NO.1

A study to Achieve High Reliability and Availability on Core Networks with Network Virtualization

NFV-related topics

These are the Network Functions Virtualisation -related topics.

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