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  • Seeking Evolution of Networks to Satisfy Customers

Technology Reports(Special Articles)

  • Special Articles on PREMIUM 4G -Introduction of LTE-Advanced-
    • LTE-Advanced as Further Evolution of LTE for Smart Life
    • Commercial Development of LTE-Advanced Applying Advanced C-RAN Architecture -Expanded Capacity by Add-on Cells and Stable Communications by Advanced Inter-Cell Coordination-
    • Radio Equipment and Antennas for Advanced C-RAN Architecture
    • Router-type Mobile Terminals for LTE-Advanced Category 6 Carrier Aggregation
  • Further Development of LTE-Advanced -Release12 Standardization Trends-
    • LTE-Advanced Release 12 Standardization Technology Overview
    • Carrier Aggregation Enhancement and Dual Connectivity Promising Higher Throughput and Capacity
    • Higher Order Modulation, Small Cell Discovery and Interference Cancellation Technologies in LTE-Advanced Release 12
    • D2D Communications in LTE-Advanced Release 12
    • Access Class Control Technology in LTE/LTE-Advanced Systems

Technology Reports

  • Wearable Skin Acetone Analyzer and its Applications in Health Management

Collaboration Projects

  • Green Base Station Power Control Technologies for Reducing Costs and Disaster Risks

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