Social Media Policy and Official Account List

When using social media as one of the communication tools with customers, NTT DOCOMO Group will conduct operations based on the following social media policy.

About NTT DOCOMO Group's Social Media Policy

NTT DOCOMO Group will abide by the code of conduct and basic rules defined below as the social media policy when using official social media.

1. Purposes of this policy

  1. To promote communication by appropriate means
  2. To always have self-awareness and responsibility as a DOCOMO Group member when using social media

2. Definition of social media

Social media is defined as media that allows the general public to communicate with each other through information posted by individuals using the Internet and web technologies.

3. Basic rules to follow when using social media

  1. To always respect and listen carefully to those you communicate with
  2. To clarify the purpose of communication and provide valuable information
  3. To use easy to understand language
  4. To understand the characteristics of digital tools, such as instant transmission and inability to cancel it
  5. To fully respect privacy
  6. To fully respect copyrights

4. Information for customers

Information posted on a social media site by an administrator who operates an account approved by DOCOMO is not always posted after it has been verified due to the characteristics of social media. In that regard, such information should not be regarded as official announcements and statements from DOCOMO. Please note that such information may be corrected later. Official announcements and statements from DOCOMO are posted on DOCOMO's website.
Specific operations (support hours and whether or not or how to respond to inquiries) vary depending on the account.

Official Account List

The following accounts are administered in accordance with NTT DOCOMO Group's Social Medial Policy.



NTT DOCOMO Official LINE Account

NTT DOCOMO Official LINE Account



Docomo Sports Kuji

Docomo Sports Kuji







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