NTT DOCOMO Personal Data Charter – Behavioral Principles for Innovation Creation –

Guided by our corporate philosophy of "creating a new world of communications culture," NTT DOCOMO is pursuing innovation toward the goal of realizing a richer future we have never seen before. Innovation, as we perceive it, is about connecting various goods and services that are relevant to people's everyday lives to deliver comfort and excitement that exceed customers' expectations. We also seek solutions to various societal issues to create a future where everyone can enjoy affluence beyond borders and across generations. From safety and security to health tips, education and all sorts of entertainment in everyday life, we will provide the optimal information catered to the needs of each and every customer as we take steps toward the future. We will also promote various business innovations that are consistent with these goals and other initiatives aimed at solving various social challenges.

We will work to create the future described above together with customers in harmony with society without being complacent with the status quo. We will aim to create new value and provide returns to customers and society by utilizing customers' personal data as well as data derived from various goods and services, adopting artificial intelligence and other new technologies that generates various insight and wisdom from such data.

When we utilize the valuable personal data of customers, we believe it's our mission to protect customers' privacy and ensure due attention to customers, as well as to abide by all relevant laws and regulations. Some customers may have anxiety or concerns about our utilization of their personal data. As we have always done, we will continue to handle personal data with responsibility going forward with a strong resolve to gain the trust and confidence of customers. We will value our "ties" with customers more than ever and listen to their voices with sincerity. What is most important for us is to constantly consider and communicate the new value that we can deliver to customers and society through the utilize of data and the optimal way to protect the privacy of each customer.

To realize "continual new value delivery to customers and society through the utilization of data" and "optimal privacy protection for customers," we will make decisions adhering to our behavioral principles set forth below when we handle customers' personal data in various scenes of our corporate activity.

What is "Personal Data"?

Information that we must handle with due attention to privacy shall not be limited to the "Personal information (information on individuals)" as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. The "Personal Data" covered by the behavioral principles described herein includes not only "Personal information (information on individuals) but also "all data pertaining to individuals that can be identified by the ID of devices or browsers." For example, if we acquire data concerning the usage status of an equipment by "someone," even though we may not be able to identify the exact individual using the equipment, that data will qualify as "personal data" that shall be handled in accordance with our behavioral principles.

Behavioral principles

Value communication with customers and ensure transparency

  • Ensure transparency to have our customers understand how their personal data is obtained and utilized.
  • Upon the acquisition and utilization of personal data, we will consider diversity such as customers who are children and seniors and work to gain customers' understanding through easy-to-understand explanation using plain expressions, summary and video presentations.
  • We will strive to eliminate customers' concerns and questions and improve our communication for their peace of mind.

Think about customers' profit and contribution to society

  • We will delivery new value to customers and society through the utilization of personal data.
  • Upon the utilization of personal data, we will always be mindful if it leads to customers' benefit or contribution to society and refrain from any data utilization that could undermine customers' confidence.
  • When we provide services and products, etc. targeting children, we will give due consideration to the children's interests.
  • Acquisition and utilization of personal data shall be executed in a proper and lawful manner paying due attention to the feelings of customers.

Honor the wishes of each and every customer

  • Each customer has different views regarding the utilization of their personal data. In view of such difference, we will offer customers with options for the utilization of personal data (including means for opt-out, etc.) considering the nature or the utilization conditions of the data in question.
  • We will strive to make the options simple and easy to understand.

Be attentive to customers' privacy when allying with partners

  • When personal data or its anonymized version or statistics version derived out of such data is provided to external partners such as partner businesses and group companies for open innovation aimed at creating new value to customers and society, we will ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and pay due attention to customers' privacy.
  • When information is provided to partners, depending on the nature of information, we will follow the most adequate method, e.g., confirming the trustworthiness of the recipient, or setting limitation on the way information is provided or utilized, etc.

Protect personal data by adopting proper security measures

  • We will protect valuable customer information employing proper organizational/personnel/physical/technical measures internally and by our entrustees to prevent leakage, theft, alteration of data or any other accidents.
  • We will perform a regular review on information security and implement measures to mitigate security risks as necessary.

Implement and operate a structure for customers' privacy protection

  • In accordance with the concept of privacy-by-design, we will be mindful of customers' privacy whenever we develop new products and services.
  • To ensure thorough consideration to privacy, we will provide training, education and information sharing with the relevant persons who handle customers' personal data on an ongoing basis.
  • We will implement and operate a governance mechanism to assess the impact on customers' privacy in personal data utilization, including the establishment of a specialized advisory body that will assess the impact on privacy.
  • The content and operation of the behavioral principles will be reviewed and modified from time to time so we can continue to live up to the trust and confidence of customers.

Revised April 1, 2024

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