Information Security Policy

NTT DOCOMO, INC (hereinafter referred to as "DOCOMO") recognizes that proper information management is an important management issue, therefore declares the Information Security Policy as DOCOMO's action policy for information security and will abide by the Information Security Policy and the separate Privacy Policy in order to ensure that customers are able to use DOCOMO's services safely.
Information assets to which the Information Security Policy applies shall mean information obtained or learned in the course of DOCOMO's business activities, as well as all information owned by DOCOMO for business purposes.

1. Establishing Information Security Management System

DOCOMO establishes a system that can quickly implement information security measures by setting up an Information Management Committee and appointing an information management supervisor for each organization in order to protect all information assets owned by DOCOMO and manage them properly.

2. Appointing Chief Information Security Officer

DOCOMO appoints the Chairman of the Information Management Committee as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in order to protect the information assets and manage them properly.
The Chief Information Security Officer(CISO)also plays the role of Specific User Information Supervisor.

3. Developing Internal Rules

DOCOMO develops internal rules on information security and ensures that all employees abide by the clear policy and rules for protecting the information assets and managing them properly.

4. Developing and Operating Audit System

DOCOMO complies with various laws and regulations related to security, codes of conduct related to security formulated by administrative bodies and industry groups, internal regulations and rules, etc. when performing its operations. DOCOMO performs information security audits regularly and as necessary in order to verify that these security frameworks are functioning effectively, and responds strictly if there have been any violations in order to ensure appropriate information management.

5. Proper Information Security Measures

DOCOMO carries out security measures from the perspective of organizational, physical, technical, and human security management in order to prevent accidents from happening to the information assets, such as unauthorized access, data corruption, information leakage, or tampering. There measures are continually improved though modifications as necessary when there are technical or social needs in order to adapt to those changes.

6. Improving Information Security Literacy

DOCOMO continuously provides education and training to all employees in order to ensure that information security literacy is improved and the information assets of DOCOMO are managed properly.

7. Strengthening Subcontractor Management System

DOCOMO fully examines the appropriateness of subcontractors before signing a contract and requires them to maintain the same or higher level of security as DOCOMO. Furthermore, DOCOMO regularly performs audits for its subcontractors in order to ensure that their security level is maintained properly.

8. Performing Continuous Improvement

DOCOMO performs continuous improvement of information security management by regularly evaluating and reviewing the above activities.

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