Notice of Other Matters regarding the Processing of Personal Data

1. Joint utilization of personal data

DOCOMO will jointly utilize personal data as follows:

Joint utilization of information acquired in the insurance-related services (starting February 1, 2020)

[Categories of the jointly utilized Personal Data]

  • Information acquired in DOCOMO executing the information provision services including financial planner discussions, etc.
    Name, address, age, telephone number, occupation, income, family composition, and discussion purposes, etc.
    Usage history of such Services, opinions, requests, inquries, etc. regarding such Services
  • Information concerning the insurance policies the customer is considering applying for and insurance policies that have already been obtained
    Names, addresses, dates of birth, and genders of the policyholder and the insured, and the relationship, etc. therebetween
    Purpose of obtaining in insurance, contents of the insurance instrument, insurance premium, payment method of insurance premium, etc.
  • Other information acquired by DOCOMO incidentally to the provision of insurance-related services
    Terms, etc. of the insurance policy derived from such Services for which the customer applies and that DOCOMO does not handle
    Financial instruments other than insurance that the customer is interested in and the reasons therefor

[Scope of jointly utilizing person]

[Utilization purpose for the utilizing person]

  • For services concerning information provision services such as for financial planning
  • For executing insurance-related services campaigns and other sales promotion measures, etc.
  • For insurance agency services such as soliciting insurance and maintaining and managing insurance policies
  • For responding to various inquiries

[Name(s) or appellation of responsible person for controlling such personal data]

2. Creation and/or provision of anonymously processed Information


3. Acquisition and/or use of pseudonymously processed information


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