In Times of Trouble

The following are fixes for commonly experienced problems. Select a topic from below.

Problems with Nuisance Phone Calls/Spam Mail

I want to get rid of spam e-mail! I get too many nuisance phone calls!
Initiate your block settings.

About PINs and Passwords

What to check for and how to reset or reissue when you forget your password.

Check PINs and Passwords

Trouble with Products and Services

Troubleshooting by yourself

Frequently occurring product and service trouble, malfunction and such, with explanation on how to solve the problem.

Smartphone Failure Diagnosis App

You can use this app to diagnose whether there is a problem with the performance of your smartphone.

How to contact directly and request for repair

Information on how to distinguish the malfunction, what needs to be prepared if the device requires the repair service, and online repair acceptance, etc.

Do you back up the device?

Please make sure you have a backup of important data before requesting repair service.
It is also reassuring in case of emergency to back up on daily basis.

Make a backup of data
(in Japanese only)

What to do when water damage occurs

Explanation on how to solve the problem when in trouble due to water accident such as dropping the device in water.

Six troubleshooting answers for water exposure
(in Japanese only)

Before purchasing : Compensation services to have you covered in case trouble occurs

Before purchase or model change of mobile phone.
To be prepared in case of trouble, please check DOCOMO's Compensation Services and Affordable Packs.

DOCOMO's Compensation Services and Affordable Packs

If Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen

Information on what to do when you think your DOCOMO device is lost or stolen.

Others (Charges, Services, Communications, Batteries)

Are there any other troubles?

Details on how to use your product

How to operate the basic functions of your product can be checked from here.

Reading your bill and itemized billing statement

Are you having trouble on how to read the documents related to charges such as your bill, monthly billing details, and itemized billing statement?

Check how to read your bill and other notices

Want to know the outline of services

Are you looking for the outline of services currently in use or you are considering to subscribe for?

Search for services

If the pin for ejecting the SIM card is lost

No need to worry. You can also use a store-bought paperclip as an alternative.

How to substitute the SIM removal pin (in Japanese only)


Instructions on the battery replacement. There is also information about how to make the battery last longer to enable you to use your mobile phone safely for a long time.

When the Battery Begins to Lose Power Quickly (in Japanese only)

Network Use Restrictions Mobile Phone Confirmation

By entering the unique number (serial number) of the mobile phone, you can check whether the phone is under network use restriction.

Disaster Status Confirmation and Preparation

To be prepared for any disaster, learn in advance how to use Disaster Message Board that can confirm safety with family and friends.

Contact Us

When you cannot find the solution and would like to contact us by phone directly, please check the contact information on the following page.

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