About PINs and Passwords

The following guide covers how to confirm, reissue, or re-configure your password by password type if you have forgotten your password.

The procedure differs depending on the type of PIN, so check the procedure from "About PINs and Passwords".


Network PIN

Image of Network PIN

This is the 4-digit number that you gave us when subscribing with docomo. Used to verify subscriber identity when, for example, orders are received or the settings for optional services are changed at a docomo Shop or from the docomo Information Center or (docomo Online Application).

Network PIN

Handset PIN

Image of Handset PIN

Used when configuring or disabling various functions on your mobile phone.

Handset PIN

IDs / Passwords


This account is used for a variety of services, including d POINT and My docomo.

sp-mode Password

Used when configuring sp-mode function settings.

PIN1 and PIN2 codes/PIN Lock Disable Code (PUK)

Used to prevent unauthorized use of the DOCOMO UIM Card (FOMA Card) and to disable the PIN code lock.

docomo apps Password

Used when configuring the functions of various apps for Android Smartphones or Android Tablets.
docomo apps Password is not supported by summer 2017 and later models (excluding d-01J).

i-mode Password

Used when configuring i-mode function settings.

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