i-mode Password

What is the i-mode Password?

It is the password to use when subscribing or unsubscribing to/from i-mode fee-based sites, configuring mail settings, and performing other operations.

i-mode password setting at the time of purchase

[0][0][0][0] You can change the i-mode password to any 4-digit number from your i-mode handset.

How to Change Your i-mode Password

Changing via i-mode

You can perform the operation yourself from iMenu → Customer support (Customer support) → Various settings [confirm, change, use] (Various settings [confirm, change, use]) → Change i-mode password (Change i-mode password).

If You Forget Your i-mode Password

The following methods can be used to reset the i-mode password to the default setting of [0][0][0][0].

1. Resetting the i-mode password via docomo Online Application (docomo Online Application) by i-mode.

iMenu → Customer support (Customer support) → applications/procedures (Applications/procedures) → docomo Online Application (docomo Online Application)

  • A network PIN is required to reset the i-mode password.

2. Resetting the i-mode password via My docomo

(My docomo log in) → (Subscription details/procedures) → (docomo Online Application)

  • d ACCOUNT in addition to a network PIN are required to reset the i-mode password.

3. Resetting the i-mode password at your nearest docomo Shop

Visit a nearby docomo Shop and take a document such as your Japanese driver's license with you to verify your identity.

New windowdocomo Shop/d garden

  • Please note that the docomo Shop may not be able to process your request in the following case.
    • The shop cannot verify your identity as the subscriber.

When to Enter Your i-mode Password

You are required to enter your i-mode password when using the services or performing the operations below that require security.

  • Register/Un-register My Menu
  • Message Service
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing to/from i-mode fee-based services
  • Changing your mail address
  • Registering a secret code
  • Mail rejection (reject all, reject designated, receive designated)
  • Suspending mail functions
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