Handset PIN

What's the Handset PIN?

This is a personal identification number used when configuring or disabling various functions on your i-mode mobile phone.

Handset PIN setting at the time of purchase

[0][0][0][0]*1 You can change your handset PIN (a four- to eight-digit number) to one of your choice from your phone.

  1. NM850iG, NM705i, and NM706i are set to 12345.

How to change your handset PIN

Please refer to your user's manual (PDF file) when changing your handset PIN.

User's Manual Download

If You Forget Your Handset PIN

Items required

Bring the following items to a docomo Shop. The shop will restore the phone to its default PIN setting, [0][0][0][0].

  • Documents such as a Japanese driver's license that verify your identity as the subscriber
  • Your current DOCOMO UIM Card (FOMA Card)
  • Your current handset

New windowdocomo Shop/d garden

  • Please note that the docomo Shop may not be able to process your request in the following cases.
  • The shop cannot verify your identity.
  • The shop cannot verify that you purchased the mobile phone for which you are applying to have the handset PIN reset.

Functions that Require Your Handset PIN

You are required to enter your handset PIN when using the following functions that require security.

[Security settings]

  • Lock settings
  • Security settings
  • 2in1 settings
  • Incoming and outgoing call settings and call function settings

[Sending and receiving all data]

  • iC transmission of all data
  • Bluetooth transmission of all data
  • Infrared transmission of all data
  • Connection with external data-handling devices such as DOCOPY, and docomo Keitai Datalink

[External memory]

  • Copying of all data to external memory
  • Copying of all data to your handset

[Data deletion]

  • Deletion of all data
  • Handset initialization

[Other functions]

  • Software update
  • Resetting totals
  • Handset PIN change


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