Confirming/Managing Your Usage

Usage Charges

Usage Charges Confirmation

Check your usage for the current month and past four months on the spot. A simple and convenient app is also available.

  • Either a d ACCOUNT or network PIN is required depending on the communications environment used.

Internet services

e-billing Discount

Instead of receiving notification of automatic payment and notification of charges by post, you can check your monthly usage charges and other charges at the Usage Charges Confirmation website via i-mode, sp-mode, or the Internet.

Mail notification services

Monthly Usage Charges Notice

For customers who subscribe to e-billing, when the usage charge for the previous month is finalized, you will be notified via SMS etc. (Application not required)

Charge Notice Service

This service informs you via mail when the total amount of your call and other charges for the current month exceeds the preset amount.

Data Communications Volume

How to Check Data Communications Volume

You can check data communications volume used for the current month and for the most recent three days by My docomo.

Data Volume Notice Service

This service notifies you by mail when a data volume specified by DOCOMO has been reached.

Other Services

Single Billing Service

This service adds the billing amounts for multiple lines and bills the total amount as a single bill, etc.

Itemized Billing Service

This service informs you of information such as when (date/time), where (other party), and how long (call or communications time).

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