DOCOMO Participated Virtually in MWC Barcelona 2021

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NTT DOCOMO organized an online exhibition for MWC Barcelona 2021 (MWC21) via a special website instead of exhibiting physically in Barcelona, Spain. The DOCOMO MWC21 site presented DOCOMO's latest initiatives for new services leveraging 5G, global business development, and R&D targeting 6G.
The exhibition was organized under the theme of "Lively Innovation," which represents the company's concept of creating new value, energy and joy that all users can realize through the power of wireless communication, which knows no limits in terms of location or distance. With global society having largely accepted remote interaction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DOCOMO has rededicated itself to furthering the unique and powerful missions of mobile and telecommunications technologies.

Dates and Location


June 28 - July 1, 2021

DOCOMO MWC21 Site Launch

10am, June 28 (JST)
The site is accessible via the following URL.



Virtual kayaking enabled with 5G and BodySharing® system

Sightseeing solution for remotely operating a camera-equipped robotic kayak while experiencing swaying and paddling sensations


Virtual reality solution for sales, concerts, etc. that allows users to move freely between virtual floors and communicate easily via 2D video

5G "X-Border" platform for remote operations support

Remote support for technicians, etc. via the 5G "X-Border" platform offering closed, secure and stable communication

Global expansion of 5G open radio access networks

Customizable O-RAN packages responding to specific needs of individual telecom carriers around the world

Global expansion of private 5G and solutions

Initiative for providing global enterprises with private 5G networks and solutions

5G evolution & 6G

Metasurface lens, pinching antenna and high-altitude platform stations (HAPS) for improved communication stability and expanded coverage in ultra-high-speed communication areas

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