MWC Barcelona 2024

DOCOMO Participates in MWC Barcelona 2024

MWC GSMA Barcelona from February 26 to 29, 2024New window

NTT DOCOMO booth at MWC Barcelona 2024 will showcase exhibits its technological advancement since last year and presentations focused on the core themes of 6G, open radio access networks (Open RAN) and extended reality (XR), aiming to advance international standardization and foster global business opportunities with the implementation of next-generation communication technologies.

For 6G, there will be interactive demonstrations of FEEL TECH, where visitors can experience its unique technology that enables the sharing of sensory information such as haptic and taste among individuals through DOCOMO's Human Augmentation Platform connected to a 6G network. This pioneering technology aims to facilitate clear transmission of sensory information that are often difficult to communicate verbally, paving the way for a new communication culture and providing added value for an enhanced quality of life.

The booth will also provide a glimpse of the coming world of 6G and advanced wireless technologies that DOCOMO is now developing, such as a non-terrestrial network (NTN) incorporating high-altitude platform stations (HAPS), which are expected to facilitate the broad extension of communication services beyond the reach of conventional terrestrial network areas, from remote seas to low-orbit space.

For Open RAN, in addition to presenting the OREX-branded services (OREX Packages), DOCOMO will introduce the latest initiatives with diverse global vendors and operators since the launch of the OREX to make Open RAN a reality.

For XR, DOCOMO will showcase the first concept model of XR glasses from NTT QONOQ Devices, INC., which is scheduled for release around mid-2024.


February 26 to 29, 2024

NTT DOCOMO Booth Location

Hall 4 Stand 4E50




Research and Development for 6G Wireless & Non-terrestrial Network

Image picture of Research and Development for 6G Wireless & Non-terrestrial Network

Non-terrestrial network initiatives for 6G and extended coverage, including technical explanations, using dioramas and simulators.

Human Augmentation Platform for 6G Era

DOCOMO, aiming to leverage 6G's high speed, high capacity and low latency, is developing a mobile platform that will extend human capabilities by sharing sensory information between people.

Image picture of FEEL TECH BAR

Demo of FEEL TECH using the Human Augmentation Platform, enabling the sharing of taste perceptions between people.

Image picture of FEEL TECH ANIMAL

Demo of FEEL TECH using the Human Augmentation Platform, enabling the sharing of haptic information between people.

Open RAN


Image of OREX

Virtual tour of Shared Open Lab
360-degree, 3D virtual tour of the OREX verification environment.

New windowOREX Official Website



NTT QONOQ was launched in October 2022, as a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO to promote NTT group's XR business, focusing on Metaverse, Digital Twins, and XR Device business.

NTT QONOQ Devices is a company established in April 2023 as a wholly owned subsidiary of QONOQ, engaged in the planning and development of XR devices. By synergizing with Sharp Corporation's extensive expertise in manufacturing and design development, alongside QONOQ's XR businesses, QONOQ Devices is developing and providing innovative devices that seamlessly integrate with QONOQ's XR services.

Commercial prototype of the XR glasses
Image picture of Commercial prototype of the XR glasses

QONOQ and QONOQ Devices will be showcasing a concept model of their first XR glasses scheduled for release around mid-2024 along with its use cases. Additionally, a keynote speech by Seiji Maruyama, the President and CEO of QONOQ is planned to be held at the booth.

PDFWelcome to the Future with XR Glasses (PDF format:2,920KB)

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