DOCOMO Participates in Mobile World Congress 2018

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In the joint NTT DOCOMO/NTT booth at Mobile World Congress 2018, DOCOMO presented a wide range of technologies and initiatives, including envisioned uses of high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency, massive-device-connectivity 5G technology that DOCOMO expects to launch commercially in Japan by 2020. Exhibits included a live Japanese calligraphy demonstration by 5G Robot, a humanoid robot that uses 5G to mirror its operator's movements in real time, and DOCOMO's Diorama Stadium for viewing sports and entertainment through a combination of 5G and AR technologies. DOCOMO also presented a 5G-connected autonomous vehicle equipped with a 4K camera; a state-of-the-art construction site platform utilizing AR, IoT and 5G; speech-recognition technology utilizing DOCOMO's AI Agent, and innovative agricultural/fishery solutions utilizing IoT, and more.
In addition to the above, NTT Group separately introduced examples of advanced, globally developed technologies divided into five categories: "Sport & Culture", "Mobility & Logistics", "Manufacturing", "Agriculture" and "Life & Environment."

Dates and Location

Booth image


From February 26 to March 1, 2018


Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain


5G Robot

Humanoid robot that uses the ultra-low latency of 5G to perform tasks remotely by mirroring its off-site operator's hand and body movements in real time.

Diorama Stadium

AR-based tabletop arena that people with smartphones or 3D goggles can walk around to view live sporting and entertainment events thanks to 5G's high speed and high capacity combined with AR.

New Concept Cart

5G-connected autonomous vehicle equipped with 4K cameras, sensors and digital signage to provide interactive information to passersby based on the vehicle's precise location.


State-of-the-art construction site platform utilizing AR, IoT and 5G to optimize earthmoving operations and improve on-site safety, efficiency and productivity.

Real-time 5G Radio Wave Visualizer

Real-time graphical representation of 5G radio waves to facilitate easier optimization of 5G networks.

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