#03 5G "X-Border" Platform for Remote Operations Support

Photo: remote support with X-Border PlatformPhoto: remote support with X-Border Platform

The 5G X-Border Platform directly connects the "DOCOMO Open Innovation CloudTM" with 5G networks overseas using a dedicated network.
This enables communication via a secure, stable closed international network walled off from the open Internet.

Image picture: the 5G X-Border PlatformImage picture: the 5G X-Border Platform

We are providing a beta version of our "Global AceReal", an international remote work support solution, which is currently being used to give instructions to people working in Thailand from Japan.

Image picture: AceReal Global VersionImage picture: AceReal Global Version

Workers in Thailand wear AR Smart Glasses to share real-time footage and audio from the worksite with their colleagues in Japan, who can then provide audio and visual advice by displaying relevant content from the manual and instructions on the screen of the AR Smart Glasses.

Image picture: AR Smart Glasses
Photo: a worker wearing AR Smart Glasses

At present, this solution (pre-release version) is available for communication with Thailand, but the 5G X-Border Platform compatible solution will be made available in other territories in the future.

Image picture: we will expand our portfolio of embedded solutions and extend our reachImage picture: we will expand our portfolio of embedded solutions and extend our reach

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Download materials about the exhibits here.

Download5G "X-Border" Platform for Remote Operations Support (ZIP:2MB)

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