We will comprehensively pursue business and ESG practices to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

DOCOMO's Vision Contributing to Sustainable Society

Message from the President and Chief Executive Officer

Picture of the president

DOCOMO contributes to the creation of a sustainable society with "you".

DOCOMO's Sustainability

Image of DOCOMO's sustainability

Introduction to DOCOMO's Corporate Philosophy, Sustainability Policy and Materiality (Key Issues).

DOCOMO's Initiatives

Environmental Responsibility

Research, Development and Innovation

Image of Research, Development and Innovation

The DOCOMO Group is working to address a variety of social issues through the use of ICT.

Customer and Community Engagement

Building a Safe and Resilient Society

High-quality Communication Services

Image of High-quality Communication Services

As a provider of telecommunications services, DOCOMO pursues its mission of providing a communication environment that enables customers to use their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

Disaster Countermeasures

Image of Disaster Countermeasures

Since its foundation, DOCOMO has worked to provide disaster-resistant communication services and continues to implement a range of disaster countermeasures to this day.

Information Security

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Recognizing that appropriate management of information is our key management issue, we have declared our Information Security Policy to ensure that our customers feel secure when using DOCOMO services.

Privacy Protection

Image of Privacy Protection

We have formulated and published our Privacy Policy, which clearly states our policy on handling personal data to provide security and trust to our customers.

Diversity and Job Satisfaction

Promoting Diversity

Image of Promoting Diversity

DOCOMO is working on promoting diversity by leveraging the strengths of a variety of talented workers as a competitive advantage.

Health Management

Image of Health Management

DOCOMO is committed to operating a thriving enterprise by promoting the safety and health of its employees.

Working and Learning System

Image of Working and Learning System

We support the autonomy and challenges of each employee and provide an environment in which diverse human resources can demonstrate their individuality and abilities, grow and play an active role, including through various systems that promote innovation, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care.

Fair Business Practices

Image of Fair Business Practices

We promote awareness of human rights to create workplaces that respect the rights of every employee in terms of freedom from discrimination and harassment due to social status, family status, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual minority, pregnancy, and birth, and childcare or nursing care leaves.

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Reports and Evaluations by Third Parties

NTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report

Image of Sustainability Report

Sustainability reports are available here.

Sustainability Evaluations by Third Parties

Image of Sustainability Evaluations by Third Parties

Introducing external evaluations about DOCOMO's sustainability initiatives.

DOCOMO and the SDGs

Image of DOCOMO and the SDGs

DOCOMO is committed to contributing to achieving the SDGs through its business activities.

Collaborative Efforts with Customers and Partners to help society as a whole achieve carbon neutrality.

Image of Caboneu record
Image of Caboneu record

Related Service

Promotion of 3R Activities

Image of docomo Certified

Smartphones certified by DOCOMO for reuse.

Image of Collecting Mobile Phones

DOCOMO addresses collecting and recycling used mobile phones, tablets, and feature phones.


Safety and Security for Children

Image of Safety and Security for Children

DOCOMO is committed to ensuring that children can use their smartphones and mobile phones safely and securely.

Universal Design

Image of Universal Design

Introduction to the docomo Hearty Style initiatives based on the universal design concept.

docomo Smartphone classes

Image of docomo Smartphone classes

At the docomo Shop/d garden, we hold a free "docomo smartphone class" where you can learn the basic usage and useful functions of smartphones and Raku-Raku smartphones.


Support for Disaster-Stricken Areas

Image of Support for Disaster-Stricken Areas

Supporting disaster-stricken areas through fund-raising and other activities (charity website).

d POINT Donation Efforts

Image of d POINT Donation Efforts

DOCOMO receives d POINT-based donations from customers at the d POINT CLUB website.

Rainbow Project

Rainbow Project logo

Connecting People and Society for Tohoku Smile

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