Sustainability Evaluations by Third Parties

Introduction to external evaluations about DOCOMO's sustainability initiatives.

Evaluation by Society (Japan)

DOCOMO Ranked 5th in 2024 Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking

DOCOMO is ranked 5th in 2024 CSR Ranking published by TOYO KEIZAI INC.
This ranking identifies reliable companies in terms of adequacy of CSR initiatives and financial performance.

Rated as 5 stars in The NIKKEI Smart Work survey (7th)

Image of Rated as 5 stars in The NIKKEI Smart Work survey (7th)

DOCOMO is rated as the five star which means the top group in The NIKKEI Smart Work Survey. It selects the advanced companies which challenge the productivity revolution through workstyle reform.

External Evaluations of Diversity

Promoting diversity: External evaluations

External Evaluation

External Evaluations of Health Management

Health management: External evaluations

External Evaluation (in Japanese only)

Environmental Certifications and Qualifications

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