Introduction to DOCOMO's sustainability policy and initiatives for sustainability as the foundation of business activities

DOCOMO's Vision Contributing to Sustainable Society

Message from the President and Chief Executive Officer

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DOCOMO contributes to the creation of a sustainable society with "you".

DOCOMO's Sustainability

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Introduction to DOCOMO's Corporate Philosophy, Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Management System.

DOCOMO's Initiatives

Carbon Neutrality

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DOCOMO announced its commitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2030 to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions arising from its business activities effectively to zero by 2030.

Activity Highlight

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DOCOMO has launched various initiatives toward realizing SDGs' goal of creating a sustainable society.


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Introduction to NTT DOCOMO's environmental initiatives.

Community Investment

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As a good corporate citizen, NTT DOCOMO will contribute to society by making society a safe and secure place where all people can live comfortably and affluently.

Promoting diversity and health management

Promoting Diversity

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DOCOMO is working on promoting diversity by leveraging the strengths of a variety of talented workers as a competitive advantage.

Health Management

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DOCOMO is committed to operating a thriving enterprise by promoting the safety and health of its employees.

Network services and disaster countermeasures

High-quality Communication Services

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As a provider of telecommunications services, DOCOMO pursues its mission of providing a communication environment that enables customers to use their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

Disaster Countermeasures

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Since its foundation, DOCOMO has worked to provide disaster-resistant communication services and continues to implement a range of disaster countermeasures to this day.

Reports and Evaluations by Third Parties

NTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report

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Sustainability reports are available here.

Sustainability Evaluations by Third Parties

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Introducing external evaluations about DOCOMO's sustainability initiatives.

DOCOMO and the SDGs

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DOCOMO is committed to contributing to achieving the SDGs through its business activities.

Selected Topics

Collecting and Recycling Mobile Phones

Image of Collecting Mobile Phones

DOCOMO addresses collecting and recycling used mobile phones, tablets, and feature phones.

Safety and Security for Children

Image of Safety and Security for Children

DOCOMO is committed to ensuring that children can use their smartphones and mobile phones safely and securely.

Universal Design

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Introduction to the docomo Hearty Style initiatives based on the universal design concept.

Support for Disaster-Stricken Areas

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Supporting disaster-stricken areas through fund-raising and other activities (charity website).

Rainbow Project

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Connecting People and Society for Tohoku Smile

Sustainability Movie

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DOCOMO and Society; Toward a Brighter Future.

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