NTT DOCOMO Group Code of Ethics

The NTT DOCOMO Group instills a deep awareness of legal and ethical compliance throughout the Group as a core management commitment and proactively cultivates an ethical foundation for all employees that is based on the following ten principles.

1. Legal and ethical compliance

We comply with the spirit and letter of all laws, regulations and rules in Japan and other countries, respect human rights and other international standards, and base our conduct on the highest ethical standards.

  • We deeply understand that compliance with laws and ethics is central to corporate management both in Japan and overseas, and we remain true and faithful to the spirit of compliance in our conduct.
  • We acknowledge that the DOCOMO Group attracts a high level of public attention, and we maintain our social conscience even in private settings.
  • We respect human rights in all aspects of daily life, including our business activities.
  • We do not allow questionable or suspicious behavior to go unnoted, and we immediately report such behavior to a superior or compliance officer, confer with our compliance consultation service, and always strive to take appropriate action.
  • We proactively contribute to the development of society by deepening our understanding of corporate social responsibility.

2. Customer-oriented products and services

As a business that fulfills vital roles in the mobile communications industry, we have adopted a customer-first approach for the provision of products and services that are safe and highly valued.

  • We strive to provide products and services that are easy to use while accurately ascertaining the diverse needs of our customers.
  • We foster a creative and vibrant corporate culture that enables us to develop products and services quickly.
  • We place the highest priority on safety and quality in the development of our products and services and provide our customers with accurate, easy-to-understand information.
  • We promptly and in good faith respond to customer inquiries about products and services.

3. Respect for the human rights of our customers and the protection of personal information

We respect the human rights of our customers and manage and safeguard their personal information thoroughly and properly.

  • The DOCOMO Group maintains an explicit awareness of the importance of protecting the privacy and personal information of our customers at the core of our business, including the confidentiality of their communications, and in handling such information in accordance with the applicable laws and guidelines of relevant ministries and agencies as well as various in-house regulations.
  • We never under any circumstances use the personal information of our customers for purposes beyond the originally stated intent, nor do we allow the leakage of information to any third party.
  • We work closely with our business partners to prevent any leakage of customer personal information.
  • We ensure the protection of customer personal information throughout employee tenure and after retirement.
  • We strictly handle information related to customer privacy from the standpoint of respect for human rights.

4. Management and safeguarding of confidential corporate information

We acknowledge the importance of corporate proprietary and confidential information and take thorough precautions for the sound management and protection of such information.

  • Recognizing the value of business information handled in-house, whether oral or documented, we meticulously manage and safeguard this information to prevent its leakage or improper disclosure.
  • We acknowledge the importance of the Information Management Regulations and adhere to them in all situations.
  • Under no circumstances will we disclose or disseminate information outside of official Company procedures.
  • We respect intellectual property rights and ensure that they are properly handled.

5. Information disclosure and transparency

We disclose Company information in a timely and precise manner to a wide range of stakeholders in Japan and overseas in order to enhance the transparency of our business activities.

  • We engage in dialogue with our stakeholders, including customers, local communities, investors, trading partners and employees, and actively seek to gain understanding and build trust by publishing corporate information that is easy to understand.
  • We maintain accountability by fairly and properly disclosing corporate information related to overall management, including finances and negative information, at the appropriate times and intervals. Decision-making processes leading to disclosure, etc., are accurately recorded.
  • We sincerely respond to requests for the disclosure of information that may have environmental or social implications such as that related to compliance and internal control.
  • We comply with laws, regulations and in-house rules regarding information disclosure.

6. Fair, open and free competition and trade

We always trade and compete fairly, openly and freely in Japan and overseas markets.

  • The DOCOMO Group recognizes that it attracts significant public attention, and we comply with the rules of free competition in trade without fear or favor.
  • We operate within antitrust and unfair competition laws in Japan and overseas and always compete fairly in the market.
  • We ensure that transactions are conducted openly and fairly with due respect for our business partners.
  • We give due consideration to the compliance practices of our business partners in relation to laws, occupational health and safety, and environmental standards.
  • We absolutely reject coercive or illegal dealings with antisocial or criminal groups.
  • We maintain appropriate relationships with all of our stakeholders, including politicians and public servants, and never engage in bribery or other forms of illicit behavior.

7. Corporate citizen and social activities

Ever mindful of our position as a member of the international society, we actively participate in social activities as a good corporate citizen while contributing to the creation of a safe and secure society.

  • We promote harmony in both corporate and social activities and make decisions and conduct business with due consideration for the interests of our stakeholders.
  • We voluntarily contribute to local communities, both publicly and privately, in our civic interactions.
  • In addition to adhering to the laws and regulations of other countries and localities, we respect local and regional culture and customs and strive to maintain a beneficial presence from these perspectives.
  • During times of disaster, we proactively contribute to recovery and support efforts by fully utilizing our mobile communications capabilities.

8. Addressing environmental concerns

We maintain compatibility between our business activities and environmental preservation by creating a world with greater convenience in our daily lives. In addition, we help preserve the environment and contribute to building a sustainable society that will support human activities into the future.

  • Conducting business with consideration for the environment
    We proactively consider the environment in the course of our business operations through our ICT services. Throughout all of our business activities, we endeavor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, properly manage hazardous substances, and conserve resources through by applying the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle).
  • Reinforcing Environmental Management
    In addition to our compliance with environmental laws and regulations, we constantly improve our environmental performance and mitigate risks in advance through our Environmental Management System.
  • Promoting environmental communications
    We contribute to reducing environmental impact by collaborating with business partners in procurement, R&D, sales and after-sale services. We proactively disclose accurate environmental information to facilitate understanding of the DOCOMO Group's environmental activities and incorporate feedback to improve those activities.
    We provide environmental training for employees and raise environmental awareness in the workplace through communication at every level and with all departments.
  • Biodiversity conservation
    We promote initiatives aimed at passing on biodiversity to future generations, with a clear understanding of the relationship between business and biodiversity.

9. Respect for employee human rights and individuality

We respect the rights and individuality of each employee and aim to realize a work environment where they are encouraged to develop their respective abilities and personalities.

  • The DOCOMO Group respects the human rights of its employees and absolutely rejects and works to eliminate unjust discrimination and harassment based on such characteristics as ethnicity, nationality, gender and religion.
  • The DOCOMO Group meticulously ensures that the management and protection of employee personal information is handled appropriately.
  • We offer equal employment opportunities, adhere strictly to the rules of employment and terms of employment contracts, and conduct fair assessments.
  • To instill pride in our employees as members of the DOCOMO Group, we create work environments where individual employees can demonstrate their diverse qualities and personalities and achieve self-realization.
  • We respect the family responsibilities of employees and support their right to lead a fulfilling life.
  • We are changing our work environments to adapt to the falling birthrate and an aging society.
  • The DOCOMO Group establishes healthy relationships with employees through sound communication.

10. In-house ethical system and commitment

We fully recognize our role in implementing the NTT DOCOMO Group Code of Ethics. The Company's senior management is dedicated to maintaining the Group's ethics system and fostering an awareness of ethical standards and principles among all employees throughout the Group.

  • The DOCOMO Group considers the NTT DOCOMO Group Code of Ethics to be at the core of our corporate management.
  • We proactively participate in compliance education and training to deepen our knowledge, and we maintain a high awareness of our ethics policy in our day-to-day operations.
  • Information provided to our compliance consultation service is handled swiftly and appropriately.
  • We periodically review the level of compliance to The NTT DOCOMO Group Code of Ethics, and we continuously gather external and internal feedback to maintain an effective compliance system.
  • The NTT DOCOMO Group Code of Ethics is disclosed to a wide range of stakeholders both in Japan and overseas as part of our active efforts to gain their trust and build understanding of the code.
  • In the event of any violation of law, regulation or ethics, our management identifies the cause, takes steps to resolve the issue to prevent reoccurrence and deals strictly with those involved, including members of the management team, in accordance with regulations provided under corporate law and in-house rules.
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