Sustainability Policy

DOCOMO is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility for changing the world for the better. We will work with all stakeholders to address social issues and provide new value through our business as we contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in which no one is left behind.


We will reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, realize a decarbonized, resource-recycling society, play our part in preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, and contribute to environmental conservation along with our customers.


We will provide new value and address social issues by conducting research and development and creating services while contributing to the realization of a more prosperous, safe, secure, and resilient society.

Human Resources

We will promote new working styles and advance diversity while actively cultivating and deploying individual abilities and implementing health and productivity management, thereby contributing to maximizing the well-being of all people in society as well as our employees.


We will promote fair business activities while raising our own ethical standards, including respect for human rights, and share them with our business partners.

Green Action Plan

DOCOMO Group will take action with you to contribute to the sustainable development of society as a whole and the preservation of the global environment in an effort to realize a future where people live in harmony with nature.

  1. We will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by lowering power consumption in the communications network, expanding our use of renewable energy, and providing products and services that help achieve carbon neutrality.
  2. We will promote initiatives to utilize resources efficiently throughout the entire lifecycle of products and services, from procurement to disposal.
  3. Through our business and the activities of our employees, we will promote initiatives related to ecosystem conservation while working closely with nature.

Realizing a decarbonized society (Net-Zero by 2040)

Key actions

  • Develop and introduce technologies and provide services and solutions that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Promote the adoption of renewable energy (including the purchase of certificates for non-fossil fuels designated as renewable energy sources)
  • Convert regular vehicles to EVs and review the number of vehicles (promote a phase-out of gasoline vehicles)
  • Develop technologies and install equipment to reduce network power consumption
  • Promote green procurement
  • Use green electricity in DOCOMO shops
Indicator Goal (FY 2030)
Net-Zero (Scope1,2,3) Net-Zero (FY2040)
Carbon neutrality Carbon neutrality
Conversion of regular vehicles to EVs 100%
Power efficiency per data transmission volume in the telecommunications business 10 times or more (compared to FY 2013)

Realizing a recycling-based society

Key actions

  • Promoting 3R activities
  • Promoting the collection and recycling of mobile terminals
Indicator Goal (FY 2030)
Waste recycling rate 99%

Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems

Key actions

  • Implementing ecosystem conservation initiatives such as forest conservation
  • Promoting employee education
Indicator Goal (FY 2030)
Promotion of ecosystem conservation initiatives Implementation of ecosystem conservation initiatives

(As of November, 2023)

Related Information

Materiality (Key Issues)

Our goals for realizing the sustainability policy are outlined on the following page.

2030 Carbon Neutrality Declaration

DOCOMO announced its commitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2030 to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions arising from its business activities effectively to zero by 2030.

NTT DOCOMO Group Sustainability Report

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