Materiality (Key Issues)

Based on our sustainability policy, we have determined the materiality of six issues and established KPIs.

Materiality (Key Issues) and KPIs

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility
Sustainability issues Issue Target value Year of achievement
  • Decarbonization and energy
  • Recycling, resource conservation, and waste management
  • Ecosystem and environmental conservation
Net-Zero (Scope1,2,3) Net-Zero 2040
Carbon neutrality Carbon neutrality 2030
Power efficiency in the telecommunications business (compared to FY 2013) 10 times or more 2030
Conversion rate of regular vehicles to EVs 50% 2025
100% 2030
Waste recycling rate 99% or more 2030

Research, Development and Innovation

Research, Development and Innovation
Sustainability issues Issue Target value Year of achievement
  • Resolution of social issues and regional revitalization
  • R&D and innovation
Verification of new value in demonstration fields using DOCOMO's technologies 10 cases or more Every year

Customer and Community Engagement

Customer and Community Engagement
Sustainability issues Issue Target value Year of achievement
  • Community involvement and social contribution
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Stakeholder engagement
Social contribution expenses, number of customer comments/number of services improved in response to feedback, etc. Publication of actual values Every year

Building a Safe and Resilient Society

Building a Safe and Resilient Society
Sustainability issues Issue Target value Year of achievement
  • Secure and stable provision of services
  • Information security and privacy protection
Percentage of population covered by 5G 90% 2023
Provision rate of stable communication services 99.99% or more Every year
Number of serious incidents 0 Every year
Number of serious incidents due to cyberattacks 0 Every year

Diversity and Job Satisfaction

Diversity and Job Satisfaction
Sustainability issues Issue Target value Year of achievement
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Safety/health management, human resource development, and workstyle reform
Percentage of female managers 15% 2025
Percentage of new female managers 30% Every year
Percentage of female executives 25-30% 2025
Rate of male employees taking childcare leave 100% Every year
Recruitment of external human resources 30% 2023
Work-related accidents
Number of serious accidents during facility construction
0 Every year
Employee engagement rate Above the previous fiscal year (mid-term target: 65%) Every year
Remote work rate (non-face-to-face rate) 60% 2023
Paper consumption 0 2025

Fair Business Practices

Fair Business Practices
Sustainability issues Issue Target value Year of achievement
  • Respect for human rights
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Supply chain management
  • Risk management and governance
Number of confirmed human rights violations 0 Every year
Number of anti-competitive and bribery violations 0 Every year
Rate of direct interaction with key suppliers 100% Every year

(As of December, 2023)

Concept for Determining the Materiality of Issues

1. Confirmation of coverage and selection of issues

We have selected 16 sustainability issues that DOCOMO should address by reviewing external evaluations, guidelines, the NTT Group Sustainability Charter, and other topics related to sustainability.

External indicator: DJSI
International guidelines: GRI Standards, SASB, ISO26000
Domestic and overseas initiatives: SDGs

2. Priority assessment

With regard to the sustainability issues selected in 1., we evaluated our priorities based on two perspectives: social impact (external impact, such as to stakeholders) and business impact (impact within DOCOMO), with input from outside experts, in order to identify sustainability issues that are considered to be of high priority to DOCOMO. All of the 16 issues were rated high priority.

3. Materiality assessment and validation of issues

Regarding the 16 sustainability issues rated high priority in 2., we summarized the relevant issues, indicated the direction to be taken, assessed their materiality, and designated them as key issues. In addition, we validated a series of processes.

Materiality Map

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Sustainability Policy

By creating new services that bring social value, DOCOMO aims to achieve sustainable growth and development together with society.

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