About Purchasing in Installments

DOCOMO installment payments (individual credit purchase brokerage/installment sale) are available in addition to lump-sum payment when purchasing a handset.

DOCOMO Installment Payments

DOCOMO installment payments (individual credit purchase brokerage contract/installment sale contract) allows you to pay for a product you purchase (excluding zero payment) in installments along with your monthly usage charges.

  • No handling fee is charged for installments.
  • You can choose from 12, 24, and 36 installments.
  • You can change your model even during the installment payment period.
Installment payment illustrationInstallment payment illustration

Applicable Models

  • 5G compatible models
  • Xi compatible models
  • Models covered by Value Course*
  • We have stopped accepting new applications for Value Plan on Monday, September 30, 2019.

Documents Required for Application

Documents for verifying identity are required for an application.

  • When applying for other procedures (such as new subscription, model change, etc.) along with the DOCOMO installment payment, identification documents of the subscriber are required.

Documents Verifying Identity

About Using d POINTs

If you use d POINTs to purchase a handset, the points will be applied first as the down payment to the cost of the handset. For the remaining points, you can choose one of the following payment methods:

[Gross payment method] Applies points evenly to each monthly installment payment. (Note that indivisible points are applied to the first installment.)
[Monthly payment method] Limits points to be applied to the amount of a single monthly installment payment and carries them over to the following monthly installment until the points have all been used.

Example: When purchasing a product in 36 installments using d POINTsExample: When purchasing a product in 36 installments using d POINTs
  • You cannot change the payment method once you have selected one.


  • Individual credit purchase brokerage contract refers to a purchase method for DOCOMO to pay the purchase price (excluding the down payment) of a product being purchased by the customer to a store on behalf of the customer and then the customer to pay that purchase price to DOCOMO in installments.
  • DOCOMO installment payments refer to a purchase method for customers who purchase an applicable model above to sign an installment payment contract (individual credit purchase brokerage contract/installment sale contract) with DOCOMO and pay to DOCOMO in installments an amount obtained by subtracting the amount of the down payment specified by each sales store from the amount of the purchase price. No handling fee is incurred, and 12 payments, 24 payments or 36 payments are available.
  • The application must be made by the subscriber to use DOCOMO installment payments under an individual name. An application made by a representative (except a legal representative or family member of the subscriber) will not be accepted.
  • Official identification of the subscriber and a screening process are necessary to apply for the DOCOMO installment payment contract. Only payments by bank account transfer or by credit card are accepted for monthly installment payments for the individual credit purchase brokerage contract/installment sale contract. Furthermore, except when a new contract is concluded at the same time, an application for DOCOMO installment payments is limited to only a subscriber with a proven track record of paying usage charges such as communications charges.
  • DOCOMO will refer to your personal credit information and register it with the personal credit information agencies that DOCOMO is affiliated with (hereinafter referred to as the Member Credit Information Agencies) before and after the conclusion of individual credit purchase brokerage contracts.
  • The personal credit information of the subscriber, not the person who pays installments, will be registered.
  • If you fail to complete a monthly installment payment by the date specified by DOCOMO, your delay in payment will be reported and registered with the Member Credit Information Agencies. (Note that even if the subscriber is a minor and the legal parent or guardian who is designated to pay installments fails to complete a payment by the deadline, the late payment is registered as a personal credit record of the minor subscriber.)
  • Your registered personal information will be used by other members of the Member Credit Information Agencies, and if you have records of late payments, applications for credit cards or loans may be rejected.
  • If applying under the name of a corporation and apply for DOCOMO installment payments when submitting an application for a new subscription, an application for automatic payments using the subscriber's bank card is required. Please note that this payment method is not available at some financial institutions.
  • For foreign residents, please present the residence card and foreign passport. (You do not need to present the foreign passport if you have permanent residency status.) If the remaining period of stay on the residence card is less than the DOCOMO installment payments subscription period or a resident card or foreign passport is not presented, an application for DOCOMO installment payments may be rejected.
  • A total of up to four DOCOMO installment payments subscriptions (2 for applicable models and 2 for accessories only) are possible for each FOMA service subscription (excluding FOMA (B number) subscription using 2in1), Xi service subscription, and 5G service subscription. Even if you are subscribed to less than four DOCOMO installment payments, we may reject your new application for DOCOMO installment payments depending on the results of screening specified by DOCOMO, if the number of products or the total cost of products you purchase exceeds the standard set by DOCOMO, if the application is made within the period specified by DOCOMO, or if DOCOMO finds that you are purchasing a handset in installment payment for the purpose of resale.
  • Monthly installment payments will be billed along with usage charges such as data charges, starting from the second month after the date of subscription. The payment method and date will also be the same as those of the data charges, etc.
  • d POINTs can be applied to paying the lump sum of the remaining installment payments only in the case of purchasing a new handset when changing handset models.
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