Web Itemized Billing Service

This service lets you check an itemized statement of all charges in one month on the website. The following is the guide to how to use and notes on using this service.

How to Use

You can check itemized charges by logging into My docomo site via your smartphone, docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode), or PC.

A d ACCOUNT required for this service can be issued easily, allowing immediate access for even first-time users.

  • Operation procedures on the actual screens are in Japanese.

New windowIf you do not have a d ACCOUNT: new registration and re-issuance (in Japanese only)

Viewing periods

  • Itemized charges data can be viewed from about the 10th of the month following the month of usage. (Itemized charges data of the month of application can be viewed from about the 10th of the month following application.)
  • Itemized charges can be viewed until end of the month three months later with the month in which information is posted counted as the first month.
  • Itemized charges data for use in the current month can be viewed from about the 10th of the following month.

Reading Your Itemized Statement of Charges

A detailed explanation on reading the itemized billing statement is available in PDF format.


About application

  • An application needs to be made in advance to use this service.
  • Only itemized billing charges of the itemized billing service type applied for in advance can be viewed.
  • You will be sent mail (Message R) informing you that order procedures are complete when you have conducted application procedures for Web Itemized Billing Service (except when new subscription or subscription transfer are accepted at the same time). This mail will be delivered free of packet communications charges, and will be sent even to those who have configured (Suspend delivery of DOCOMO News) settings.

About viewing

  • Itemized charges for use before the month of application cannot be viewed with Web Itemized Billing Service. If you need to check that data, please have an itemized billing statement issued.
  • A website that can be viewed from i-mode is not provided.
  • When logging in to My docomo website with your d ACCOUNT ID, you need a device that can receive an SMS message or a device that is capable of multitasking because one-time password authentication is performed.
  • The itemized billing statement is viewable up until the end of third month including the month that it is made available. The data will be deleted at the end of the viewing period, so if you wish to save the itemized billing statement, log in to My docomo from a PC and then download the data.
    The PDF data cannot be downloaded from a smartphone or tablet device.
  • If you wish to be sent itemized statement of charges by post, please apply for Postal Itemized Billing Service (charges apply).
  • It may not be possible to view My docomo or download data from My docomo in cases such as high volumes of communication.
  • If you have performed certain procedures such as canceling the merged line after applying for d POINT CLUB Membership Merging, you may not be able to view the itemized billing data for the integrated line.
    If itemized billing data is not viewable, another procedure must be completed at a docomo Shop so that statements can be viewed again online or in print.
  • If Web Itemized Billing Service or the line subscription is cancelled, itemized charges data will be posted for usage up to the month before cancellation, and data for up to that month can be viewed. (Itemized charges data for use in the month of cancellation cannot be viewed.)
    (e.g., If an applicant for Web Itemized Billing Service cancels line subscription on June 9, itemized charges data for use in May will be posted on June 10 and viewable until the end of August. Data for use in March and April will be viewable until the end of their respective viewing periods.))
  • If you cancel a line that is subscribed to Web Itemized Billing Service, the itemized billing data for usage in the month of cancellation will be published the following month.

Other items to note

  • You cannot view itemized charges in the following cases.
    • You have not made calls or used communications.
    • Use by the previous subscriber in case of subscription transfer or inheritance.
  • Provider fees and communications charges to connect to the Internet shall be borne by the subscriber.
  • For WORLD WING itemized packet (FOMA) usage, you can select an item from the category pull-down menu and display only the selected communications.
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