Itemized Billing Service

Explanatory illustration of Itemized Billing Service

Itemized Billing Service allows you to check an itemized billing statement for voice/data communication charges online or in print. There are four services available according to your purpose.

  • Application : Required

    *The monthly charge and the handling fee differ depending on the selected service.

Service Details

Itemized Billing Service includes four services for different purposes, including Web Itemized Billing Service, which allows you to check billing statements anytime on the website, and Postal Itemized Billing Service, which allows you to have monthly physical billing statements sent to you on an ongoing basis.
Select an itemized billing service suited to you.

Web Itemized Billing Service

  • Monthly charge : Free

  • Monthly itemized charges can be viewed at anytime.
  • You can check the itemized statement on the website (My docomo).
  • The itemized billing statement is viewable up until the end of the third month including the month that it is made available.

Postal Itemized Billing Service

  • Monthly charge : ¥110 (incl. tax)
    *A separate postal charge applies for sending the itemized statement of charges separately from your bill.

  • This service sends you in writing monthly itemized charges.
  • No postal charge is incurred if the itemized statement of charges sent together with your bill.
  • Sending to a postal address other than that for your bill is also possible.

Itemized Billing Statement Issuing Service

  • Preparation charge: Free via Web/¥110 (incl. tax) by post
    *A separate postal charge of ¥81 ( is incurred to have physical billing statements sent to you.

  • You can have itemized billing statements issued to you for the months that you need. (Up to the past four months)
  • You can choose to view itemized billing statements via the web or have them sent to you by post.
  • This service is also available for customers who are not subscribed to the Web Itemized Billing Service and Postal Itemized Billing Service.

Separate Use Itemization Service (Option)

  • Handling fee: ¥110 (incl. tax)

  • You can have an itemized statement of charges tabulated separately in groups according to purpose, such as for work and private use.
  • This service is for customers who are subscribed to Web Itemized Billing Service or Postal Itemized Billing Service.

Details You Can Check

The following details are provided with Itemized Billing Service.
Application is required by type of item marked with a square ■ below.

Service details
Service Type of itemized billing service
5G/Xi ■ Voice calls and SMS, data communications, WORLD CALL
FOMA ■ Voice calls and SMS, packet communications (including i-mode information charges), WORLD CALL

Reading Your Itemized Statement of Charges

How to Apply

Things to ready when applying

  • Only the actual subscriber can apply. Applications by a representative will not be accepted (except by a legal representative).
  • Please ready documents verifying your identity as the subscriber when making applications (including changing address statements are sent to).
Things to Ready When Applying
Verification documents
(Please ready originals of documents. Photocopies are not accepted.)
Individual Subscriber One of the following:
  • Driver's license (international driver's license will not be accepted)*1
  • Individual Number Card (My Number Card)*1
  • Basic Resident Registration Card*2
  • Student ID*3
  • Certificate of Alien Registration or residence card (Must have a valid status of residence)
  • Government-issued identification booklet for the physically challenged (Shintai Shogaisha Techo), government-issued identification booklet for the mentally challenged (Ryoiku Techo), or government-issued welfare booklet for the mental ill (Seishin Shogaisha Hoken Fukushi Techo)*4 etc.
Legal representative All of the following:
  • Documents verifying identity of subscriber
  • Documents verifying identity of legal representative
  • Documents verifying legal representative*5
  • Letter of attorney
Company All of the following:
  • Certified Copy of Commercial Registration (Tokiboto [sho] hon), Certificate of detailed current registry (Genzai [rireki] jikoshomeisho), or Seal Registration Certificate*6
  • Official identification of the person who applies (same as for "Individual")
  • Employee ID or letter of attorney from representative
  1. Must be valid and show the applicant's current address.
  2. Must be valid and show the applicant's date of birth and current address.
  3. Must be valid, have the applicant's photo, and show the applicant's date of birth and current address.
  4. Must show the applicant's current address.
  5. The following documents issued within the last three months
    e.g. If the subscriber is a minor (under 20 years old): Official copy of the Family Register (Kosekitohon) that proves parent-child relationship.
    e.g. If the subscriber is an adult (20 years old or over) and has a legal guardian: Certificate of Registered Matters (Tokijikoshomeisho) that notes the legal guardian's name.
    e.g. If the subscriber is a minor (under 20 years old) and has a legal guardian: Official copy of the Family Register (Kosekitohon) that notes the legal guardian's name.
  6. Must be issued within the last three months and show the applicant's current address.

Service counters

To apply for Web Itemized Billing Service, Postal Itemized Billing Service, and Itemized Billing Statement Issuing Service, application can be made via the web.
You can apply for Separate Use Itemization Service (Option) by phone or at a docomo Shop/d garden.

docomo Feature Phone

You can apply from (docomo Online Application). The required d ACCOUNT can be easily issued, so even beginners can start using right away.

  • When accessing from a PC, a d ACCOUNT is required.
  • When accessing from a smartphone or docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode), a Network PIN is required.
  • Operation procedures on the actual screens are in Japanese.
Business hours :
24 hours *7

docomo Shop
/d garden
docomo Shop/d garden

All shops provide this support service through interpreters, to enable foreign language speaking customers to stop by freely and comfortably.
Business hours differ by shop. See the pages of individual shops for details.

Business hours :
Within the business hours of the corresponding shop


  • To apply from a DOCOMO mobile phone, call 151 (toll free, in Japanese only) without an area code.
  • For inquiries in English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish, and applications from landline phones, see General Inquiries (docomo Information Center).
Business hours :
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  1. Unavailable from 10:30 p.m. every Tuesday to 7:00 a.m. the following morning due to system maintenance.

Terms of Use

Please be sure to read notes for each service and the terms of use below before applying a service.

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