Using Single Billing Service

  • Items included with the bill are for the area in which the billing postal address is located.
  • The postal address for the bill, itemized statement of charges (when included with the bill or other document), and other documents will be the same as the postal address for the single billing representative line. If the postal address for the representative line is changed, the new postal address will also become the postal address for all phone numbers in the billing group.
  • If DOCOMO cannot confirm that the subscriber who applied for the single billing service made the payment by the due date, a notification will be sent to the postal address for single billing and use of all lines in the single billing group will be suspended.
  • If the single billing service is cancelled, separate bills will be issued from the following month.
  • After changing or canceling the representative line of the single billing service, your payment method will be changed to payment by bill. In such cases, you will be charged a billing statement issuing fee or an itemized billing issuing fee specified separately in the terms of the service agreement for each bill. For details, refer to Issuance fee or Itemized Billing Statement Issuing Service. To pay by automatic payment or credit card, the application must be made by the subscriber of the new representative line when the representative line has been changed, or the subscriber of each line when the representative line has been canceled.
  • To share points of a customer registered under the personal name, an application for Point Sharing Group is required. For details on the point sharing group, refer to Point Sharing Group (in Japanese only)
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