What is Single Billing Service?

  • This service adds the billing amounts for multiple lines and bills the total amount as a single bill, etc.
  • Managing usage is easy because the bill includes the charge breakdown for each phone number.

Applicable Subscriptions

  • Subscriptions under the same name
  • Subscriptions for relatives within the third degree of kinship to the single billing representative line subscriber
    • When an application for the single billing service is made using a different individual's name, the consent of the subscriber of the single billing representative line is required.
    • An application for the single billing service may not be accepted if, for example, subscribers are members of different Family Discount groups.

Charge Breakdown Image

The following image shows the charge breakdown when subscribed to single billing service.

  1. The total billing amount for the single billing group and the breakdown of that amount are displayed.
  2. The charge breakdown is displayed for each phone number in the single billing group.

PDFCharge Breakdown Image (PDF format:135KB) (in Japanese only)

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