Antennas, Base and Mobile Stations -8.Basic Configuration of "Mova"

The super-compact "Mova" portable terminal was put on the market in 1991 and represented the latest in technological developments at that time. The core development concept behind Mova was to reduce the size of the terminal to 150 cc or less and to keep the weight under 230 g.

Accordingly, research and development was focused on applying LSI technology in each circuit and minimizing filter size in order to reduce both volume and weight. These efforts were augmented by new technologies such as a "combined RF filter built-in antenna" in which an RF filter into a diversity-reception board antenna. In addition, more compact power amplifiers and control components that produced the "MMIC power amplifier" and "ASIC CPU." Moreover, with the introduction of transmission power control and the intermittent reception system, power consumption was also substantially reduced.


Configuration of Ultra-Compact Cellular Phone

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