Antennas, Base and Mobile Stations -4.Basic Configuration of Base Stations

The basic base station equipment for digital mobile communications systems consists of amplifiers (AMP) to amplify the transmission and reception signals to desired levels, modems (MDE) to convert base band signals to high-frequency signals, speech processors (SPE) to convert voice signals to digital code strings, base station control equipment (BCE) that allocates radio channels and switches over channels with adjacent base stations, and the base station antennas (ANT).

Unlike analog mobile communications system, the base station equipment for a digital mobile communications system has been made substantially more compact and lightweight through the development of various new technologies. Indeed, this progress has reached the point where all the equipment for a digital system can be contained in only two racks -- compared to some 15 racks needed to house the base station equipment for an analog system.


Overall Configuration of Base Station Equipment

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