Antennas, Base and Mobile Stations -7.Intermittent Reception and VOX Control

While a mobile terminal on standby reception status receives signals by always maintaining synchronization with the associated base station, it uses a measure called battery saving in order to reduce the power consumption of the receiving terminal. This is called intermittent reception, which is highly effective in enabling mobile terminals to save power. As transmitted signals contain information that is received in time slots determined for each mobile terminal, the receiving terminal turns its own power on at intervals that are synchronized with slot timing, and turns itself off during other time.

While intermittent reception reduces power consumption during reception, VOX control promotes power savings during transmission. This technology turns on the transmission power only when the terminal detects voice input, and turns it off when there is no voice to transmit.


Battery Saving with Intermittent Reception in Digital Cellular Phones

noticeCreated 1999/03

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