Exhibition Hall "WHARF"

WHARF closed on June 30, 2022.


From imagination to creation DOCOMO R&D Exhibition Hall "WHARF"

Outline of the WHARF Exhibition Hall

You can feel and experience the future. "WHARF" gives you a glimpse of the future mobile communications and smart lives which DOCOMO R&D is striving to realize. DOCOMO envisions to contribute to each customer's richer, more convenient and dynamic pleasant smart life.
DOCOMO R&D shares the same spirit in conducting research and development. Here at WHARF, we prepare various exhibits so that you can experience such dreams likely to happen in the future based on our R&D achievements.

WHARF Exhibit Details

WHARF Details image

WHARF stands for Wealth, Human Activities, and Revolution for the Future, and represents richness in the future, peoples activities, and change.

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