5G Trial Sites

5G Trial Sites

This page introduces our "5G Trial Sites" to be built May 2017.
Updates on the "5G Trial Sites" will be provided here as they become available.

1. Location

The Tokyo Waterfront City (Odaiba and Aomi district) and Tokyo Sky Tree Town.

2. Start of Trial

May 2017

3. Frequency Bands (scheduled)

28GHz band and 4.5GHz band

4. Features of Trial Equipment

  1. Base station equipment
    • Supports a communication bandwidth of up to over 20 Gbps per base station
    • Equipped with massive-element antennas (Massive MIMO)
  2. Terminal equipment
    • Supports transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps or over 10 Gbps per terminal (depending on the terminal type)
    • To be downsized stepwise (our aim is to make the terminal portable in 2018)

<For reference> Image of communication environment usage

In a 5G area, the 5G communication environment is used. As users are moving out of the 5G area, they are automatically switched and connected to the LTE environment. The mobile communication is always available for users without interruption of communication.

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