Kids Keitai Plus

<End of application period for Kids Keitai Plus>
We have stopped accepting new applications for Kids Keitai Plus on Friday, May 31, 2019.
Furthermore, from Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the condition of that you must be in the sub line of a Packet Pack subscriber has removed from applications, thereby allowing independent subscriptions.

This is a plan for kids using Kids Keitai and Kids PHONE.
You can apply for Kids Keitai Plus only when the user is a child of 12 or younger. Furthermore, subscription is possible only when you are subscribed to Kake-hodai Plan or Data Plan and cannot be as a standalone.

  • Application : Required

About Basic Monthly Charges

These are basic monthly charges of Kids Keitai Plus.

(incl. tax)

Kids Keitai Plus
Basic monthly usage charge Two-year fixed period subscription ¥550
No two-year fixed period subscription ¥1,100
Domestic calling charges To DOCOMO mobile phones Among family members : Free
Other than family members : ¥22/30 sec.
To another carrier's mobile phones, fixed-line phones, etc. ¥22/30 sec.
Data communication charges With Packet Pack subscription
Without Packet Pack subscription FOMA : ¥0.088/packet
SMS sending charges SMS (in Japan) From ¥3.3/sending, free for receiving
International SMS From ¥50/sending, free for receiving
  • Consumption tax is not added to international SMS messages.

Conditions for applying

You need to be a legal parent or guardian of a child of 12 or younger and both of ① and ② below must be met.

  1. User of Kids Keitai or Kids PHONE is a child of 12 or younger
  2. Line is a sub line of a Packet Pack subscriber of Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru
  • An application is limited to one line per child of 12 or younger.
  • The Kids Keitai Plus subscription cannot be continued when changed to a user of 13 or older.
  • If communications using DOCOMO's network are made when docomo UIM Card is inserted in a device other than the one specified for each plan, the charges may vary depending on the device that is actually used.

Applicable models

Kids Keitai : F-03J
Kids PHONE : HW-02C, HW-01D, and HW-01G

Upon applying

To apply, Japanese Health Insurance Certificate, passport, or other document (a copy is acceptable) of the user is required in addition to the documents required for a new line subscription for the registration of the user and verification of the legal parent or guardian.


[Kids Keitai Plus]

  • Kids Keitai Plus cannot be subscribed to as a standalone. Change to Kake-hodai Plan (for smartphones and tablets) may occur when conditions are not met.
  • An application can be made only when the user is a child of 12 or younger. (Application is limited to one line per child of 12 or younger.)
  • When subscribed to Kids Keitai Plus and Family Discount, domestic calling charges within the same family discount group will be free and Videophone communications charges will be discounted 60%. This also applies when subscribed to Kids Keitai Plus (without fixed subscription), Hearty Discount, and Family Discount at the same time.
  • A subscription to an Internet connection service (ISP) is not possible with Kids Keitai Plus.
  • You need to be a member of the share group (including 2daime-Plus), the representative line of which is subscribed to Kake-hodai Plan, Kake-hodai Light Plan, Simple plan, or Data Plan.
  • For the details on the provision conditions of the basic plan and Packet Pack of Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru, check Provision Conditions (in Japanese only).
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