Check Items for Repairs

Information on what to bring when you submit your handset for repairs, the items to check beforehand, etc.


The following is a guide to the warranty period and details. Please confirm before applying for a repair.

Warranty period

  • The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
    • docomo Certified products (DOCOMO certified second-hand products) will be warranted (for replacement) only for 30 days from the date you received the product.
  • When repaired at a repair service center specified by DOCOMO, the warranty period will be for six months from the repair completion date. After the end of the repair coverage period, we cannot accept requests to repair your handset regardless of the warranty period.
  • If the warranty period overlaps the one year warranty period from the date of purchase, the warranty period will be the longest of the two periods. Some repairs such as case replacement and built-in battery replacement may not be applicable for a warranty period extension.

Warranty details

During the warranty period, repairs will be carried out for free based on the repair provisions specified by DOCOMO. In the following cases, your handset is not applicable for free repairs even during the warranty period.

  • The malfunction or damage was caused by incorrect use
  • Malfunction or damage was caused by modification (including modification of the software)
  • Malfunction was caused by using other than the equipment or a consumable designated by DOCOMO
  • When a display, external connection terminal, etc. is damaged after purchase
  • When repaired at other than a New windowrepair service center specified by DOCOMO*1
  • In order to maintain the performance and quality of the handset, we may repair parts other than those requested. A repair fee may apply in such cases.
  • After the warranty period has expired, repairs can be carried out upon request at your expense.
  • To have your handset repaired, you will need to submit it to DOCOMO.
  • Note that applications may not be downloaded or upgraded after your handset has been repaired and initialized.
  1. If your handset is repaired at Galaxy Harajuku, it will be covered by the warranty because the shop is one of the repair counters designated by DOCOMO. For the nature of repairs and models that can be repaired at Galaxy Harajuku, refer to the New windowGalaxy Harajuku website.

Cases in Which Repairs Are Difficult

Repairs may be difficult in the following circumstances.
Please note that even if repairs are possible, the cost of repairs may be very high.

Water exposure

Image of water exposure
  • The internal circuit boards are corroded or rusty.
  • The water exposure sticker has reacted.
  • The cause of failure is determined to be water exposure during the repair inspection.
  • Even if the water exposure sticker has not reacted, water exposure will be determined to have occurred if water ingress is confirmed during the repair inspection from, for example, corrosion or rust on the internal circuit boards.

If the repair parts availability period has expired

Image of when the repair parts availability period has expired
  • Depending on the malfunction, parts shortages and other conditions may mean that the phone cannot be repaired even within the period of availability for a part.
  • We cannot accept requests to repair a handset for which the repair coverage period has expired.
  • To find out whether your handset can be repaired, check Repair Acceptance Conditions (in Japanese only).

Partial repair

  • If multiple parts of your handset have malfunctioned or are damaged, we cannot accept a request for the repair of only one part. (For example, if the case is damaged and an internal malfunction has occurred [the power will not turn on], we will not repair just the internal malfunction.)
  • Your handset will be returned after all parts have been repaired because we cannot guarantee the quality of the product if only one part is repaired.
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