About Notification Mail

  • At the point in time that DOCOMO confirms that the total amount of dialing and packet communications charges, packet communications, etc. used for the current month has exceeded the preset amount, you will be notified of that fact (dialing and packet communications charges for WORLD WING may not be included in the notification amount due to delays in receiving the billing data that is sent from overseas telecommunications carriers).
  • A maximum of two addresses to which notifications are sent can be specified: address 1 is set as your i-mode or docomo mail/sp-mode mail address, and address 2 can be an address of your choice. (If you do not subscribe to i-mode or sp-mode, your address for notification will be address 2 only.)
  • If an e-mail address set as the recipient address 2 to which notifications are sent is changed or its use discontinued, be sure to register a new address for notification. Please note that if the address to which notifications are sent is not updated, you will no longer be able to receive such notifications. (However, for recipient address 1 [your i-mode or docomo mail/sp-mode mail address], the delivery address will change automatically, and your address for notifications need not be updated.)
  • The recipient address can only be set or changed from docomo Online Application (docomo Online Application).
  • If you have designated your i-mode or docomo mail/sp-mode mail address as your address to which notification is sent, you will not receive notifications at night (between midnight and 6 a.m.).
  • Users are responsible for the communications charges for receiving notification mail (including docomo mail/sp-mode mail) (communications charges do not apply when notifications are received by i-mode mail in Japan).
  • If you carry over your mail address from i-mode to sp-mode, the send destination setting will not be carried over so you need to re-register your docomo mail/sp-mode mail address as the send destination (change the setting).
  • The sender address for notification mail is ''
  • The first five digits of the customer phone number in the notification mail text are hidden (shown as asterisks).
  • If you set the recipient address for notification mail to their i-mode mail address, there is no need to set the domain/address receiving settings for spam mail prevention of i-mode.
  • If DOCOMO determines that for some reason the notification was not delivered even once, the sending of notification mail may be suspended without any notice being given. In such a case, the sending of mail of other mail notification services provided by DOCOMO may also be suspended.
  • If you have a 2in1 B number subscription, you can only set your specified mail address (recipient address 2) as the address to which notification mail is sent. Furthermore, you can only apply from a PC.

Notification Amount

  • The amount at which notification is given can be set at ¥1,000 or more, in ¥1,000 increments for the first notification, and in ¥1,000 increments for the second and subsequent notification.
  • The notification amount is an approximate estimate of the total of charges such as dialing charges, packet communications charges, WORLD CALL voice/data communications charges, i-mode information charges, and charges for products purchased with d-Barai/DOCOMO Mobile Payment. Furthermore, dialing and packet communications charges exceeding the communications allowance after discount services (Family Discount, Business Call Discount, Office Discount, Yu Yu Call, Ikkatsu Discount, WORLD CALL Ikkatsu Discount, etc.) have been applied will be counted for inclusion in the notification. With regards to Pake-hodai double, Pake-hodai FLAT, Pake-hodai double 2, and Xi Pake-hodai Double, flat-rate monthly charges, applicable communications charges, and communications allowances will be included as notification amounts.
  • The notified amount does not include basic monthly charges, optional service usage charges, d-Barai (iD) usage charges, or the flat-rate monthly charge of a flat-type Xi packet flat-rate service (Xi Pake-hodai for iPhone, Xi Pake-hodai Light, Xi Pake-hodai Flat, Xi Raku-Raku Pake-hodai, or Xi Pake-hodai for juniors), Packet Pack (Basic pack, Data S/M/L pack, Ultra Data L/LL pack, Keitai Pack, etc.), Pake-hodai, Pake-hodai full, Biz-hodai, or Flat-Rate Data Plan 128K.
  • When attempting procedures such as changing your billing plan or applying for a packet flat-rate service while overnight system maintenance is in progress, the amount used right after such application or other procedure shall be calculated under the previous billing plan or packet discount, and you may receive notification of an amount that differs from the actual usage amount.
  • When you use, for example, Ikkatsu Discount, the discount rate varies depending on the number of lines of the group and usage conditions of other lines in the group so the amount may be lower or higher than the notification amount.

Other Notes

  • If the subscription is transferred or inherited and the new subscriber applies for Charge Notice Service, notification mail will be sent in the event that the limit for Charge Notice Service is reached within the current month.
  • Arrival of mail may be delayed or mail may not be delivered as a result of system maintenance and failures.
  • DOCOMO shall not be liable for any damages suffered by you as a result of using this service or not being able to use this service, unless caused by willful misconduct or negligence on the part of DOCOMO.
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