Send SMS Messages Overseas

SMS (Short Message Service)
  • Even if you are outside the Data communications service area, you can send messages in countries and regions where voice calls are available (excluding certain countries and regions).
  • Short Message Service (SMS) cannot be used on an iPad. Note that if you send an SMS to a DOCOMO iPad being used overseas, the recipient will incur a SMS transmission charge (and will not be able to view the SMS).
Characters that can be sent Up to 70 kana characters (full size) or 160 alphanumeric characters (half size)

Send SMS messages overseas

To a mobile carrier in Japan

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Enter other party's phone number ⇒ Send

(Example) Send an SMS to Japanese mobile number 080 XXXX XXXX

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To an overseas mobile carrier

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Enter [+] then [country code] then [the other party's mobile phone number] ⇒ Send

(Example) Send an SMS to UK mobile 07XXX XXX XXX

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  • If the recipient's telephone number begins with 0, enter the number without the first 0. Service not supported for some countries and regions where the first "0" of the area code is required.
  • "010" can be used as a substitute for "+".

Details on available areas and carriers to which SMS messages can be sent

Refer to "Countries, regions, and carriers that are able to send and receive".

Receive SMS messages overseas

SMS messages will be received automatically.

  • SMS messages are received even when the mail Receive option setting is configured to ON.

Messages from DOCOMO (Free)

While you are overseas, DOCOMO will send you important information by SMS (free of charge).

  • Even when the SMS Rejection Settings (Reject All SMS, Reject Unidentified Caller ID SMS) are configured, you will continue to receive SMS messages from DOCOMO and Missed call notification SMS for roaming (free of charge). However, if you choose the "Reject all incoming calls" option for the incoming call restriction for roaming function, you will not be able to receive such messages.
  • Note that if you reply to these messages, charges may apply, whether or not the message has been successfully sent, so please be sure not to reply to these messages.
  • Welcome messages and other messages may be sent from carriers, but no charges will apply for receiving such messages.
  • It may not be possible to receive SMS messages depending on the phone you are using.


Sending Receiving
¥100/message Free
  • Communications allowances (FOMA General Plan only) will apply to international voice/data communications charges.
  • However, communications allowances included in Xi data communications and FOMA data communications dedicated plans, as well as discount services such as Yu Yu Call and Family Discount, do not apply to WORLD WING communications charges.

  • Consumption tax, etc., is not added to call and communication fees for the various international services.
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