Customer privacy

Part of the operational data that becomes necessary in the process of providing mobile phone services to customers may be used as population statistics called "mobile spatial statistics".

DOCOMO would provide the mobile spatial statistics based on a request from local governments, academic institutions, corporations, etc. for various kinds of research for regional and city development or other purposes.

Mobile spatial statistics are population statistic information indicating only the number of members of a group in a particular time zone, area and movement. They are subjected to an adequate anonymization process when they are created so individual customers cannot be identified. Specifically, the mobile spatial statistics are provided as information as shown in an example below.

population from ××country (residents) in city at o'clock on (month) (day): hundred

DOCOMO publishes Mobile Kukan Toukei Guidelines that summarize the basic points to be observed when creating and providing mobile spatial statistics in order to ensure customer privacy is strictly protected.

pdf Mobile Kukan Toukei Guidelines
(PDF format: 118KB)

For inquiries about the mobile spatial statistics and the procedures to terminate the use of operational data described in the guidelines, please contact Information Center *1
In addition, it may take up to a month to complete the termination.

*1 Information Center: 0120-005-250
Available languages: English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish.
Business hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (open all year round)

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