Sumaho Fusei Kessai Hoshou (Membership Privilege)

If your smartphone is used by a third party without your authorization for a QR code payment, etc. carried out by a payment service provider, this service will compensate you up to ¥1 million.

  • Application : Not Required (Automatically included)

    Monthly charge : Free

  • This service is automatically included with the compensation for your phone in Smart Anshin Hoshou.
  • For details on the conditions for provision of compensation, refer to the following.
  • Compensation Service Concept


    Image of compensation service conceptImage of compensation service concept
    • If you are not fully compensated for the damage because the amount exceeds the compensation amount paid by the payment service provider, etc., we will compensate you for the difference.
    • If the unauthorized payment has been verified by the payment service provider, but you are not compensated because the application period set by the provider has already passed, this service is applicable within 365 days from the date of the incident.
    1. For d-Barai, you will be fully compensated for an unauthorized payment if the compensation conditions are met. (For the compensation conditions, refer to New windowCompensation for Unauthorized d-Barai Payment (in Japanese only) on the service website.)
    2. The d-Barai compensation period is 90 days from the date of the incident.
  • Eligibility for Compensation


    Major cases eligible for compensation

    [QR code payment]

    • Unauthorized registration of credit cards, etc. or bank accounts
    • Theft of devices with a payment app installed
    • Unauthorized login by spoofing

    [Postpaid electronic money]

    • Unauthorized use of postpaid electronic money

    Major cases not eligible for compensation

    • If the unauthorized payment is not verified by the payment service provider (including cases in which the provider verifies the unauthorized payment but makes no objective report)
    • If the target payment service such as QR code payment does not meet the security standards
    • If the unauthorized payment was made outside Japan
    • If the credit card, etc., bank account, or QR code payment system was issued outside Japan
    • If compensation is not granted by the payment service provider due to the negligence of the user or the bankruptcy of the provider
    • If the subscriber is a corporation or other organization and there are no documents to prove that ① and ② are the same person
      1. Regular user of the mobile phone with a Smart Anshin Hoshou subscription
      2. Holder of the fraudulently used credit card, etc. or the person whose name is registered with the identifier of the payment system, such as the ID number of the QR payment system
  • Conditions for Providing Compensation


    Payment services eligible for compensation
    • QR code payment
      (Credit cards, etc., automatic payment from bank accounts, and cash charges only)
    • Postpaid electronic money
      (Credit cards, etc., and cash charges only)
    Compensation effective date Day following the start date of the subscription
    Maximum amount of compensation ¥1 million
    • If the payment service company reports that an unauthorized payment has been verified, we will pay for the amount exceeding the compensation made by the payment service provider.
    Maximum number of compensation claims 1/year
    • If you make a compensation claim although you have already made a compensation claim for an unauthorized payment within the past one year from the claim date, an insurance payment will not be made.
    • Only one compensation claim can be made within the past year, and up to ¥1 million is granted per claim. If you have five or more Smart Anshin Hoshou subscriptions under the name of the same corporation, you can make up to five compensation claims regardless of the number of subscriptions.
    • If the number of subscriptions is four or less, you can receive up to ¥1 million per incident once a year for each subscription.
    Compensation claim period 365 days from the day of the incident
  • Compensation Procedure


    The following describes the procedure for a compensation claim for unauthorized smartphone payment.

    Check PDFTerms of Use on Smart Anshin Hoshou [PDF format:868KB] (in Japanese only) and the PDFGuide to Sumaho Fusei Kessai Hoshou Included with Smart Anshin Hoshou [PDF format:760KB] (in Japanese only) before proceeding.

    STEP 1: Contact the payment service provider

    In the event of an unauthorized payment, contact the appropriate payment service provider first.

    If the unauthorized payment is confirmed by the payment service provider, go to STEP 2.

    • Note that the subscriber must contact the center in STEP 2.
    • If the unauthorized payment is not verified by the payment service provider, you cannot use this compensation service.

    STEP 2: Contact Smart Anshin Hoshou Center

    Call the Smart Anshin Hoshou Center within 365 days from the date of the incident.

    Smart Anshin Hoshou Center

    • Hours available: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (open all year round, in Japanese only)

    STEP 3: Send necessary documents

    Send the following necessary documents to the insurance company.

    [Examples of necessary documents]

    • Insurance claim
    • Document to verify unauthorized payment, etc.

    STEP 4: Receive insurance payment

    After receiving the necessary documents, if the insurance company determines that the compensation is justifiable, it transfers the insurance payment to your bank account.
    (The process is estimated to take at least five business days.)

  • Terms of Use


  • This compensation is a form of credit card theft insurance and a supplementary contract to the product, with NTT DOCOMO as the policyholder and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. as the underwriting insurance company.
  • The details of the compensation shall be in accordance with the content specified in the Guide to Sumaho Fusei Kessai Hoshou Included with Smart Anshin Hoshou.
  • If the name of the subscriber is changed (between family members, with carry-over) or the subscription is succeeded, the number of compensation claims is carried over to the new subscriber without being reset.
    If the subscriber needs to be changed, make sure that you change the subscriber information as soon as possible.
  • If there have been any changes to your address or subscriber information, inform DOCOMO as soon as possible before or after applying for Smart Anshin Hoshou.
  • For details on Smart Anshin Hoshou, refer to Smart Anshin Hoshou page.
  • QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
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