Battery Pack Anshin Support

A battery pack or portable charger can be provided in exchange for points to subscribers who have used the same FOMA, Xi (Crossy, 5G) phone for one year or more.

  • Customers using Winter 2014 models or later (G series or later) must subscribe to Mobile Device Protection Service or Smart Anshin Hoshou to use Battery Pack Anshin Support.
    For details, check the Notices from DOCOMO (in Japanese only).

Provision Conditions

Provision Conditions
Provided product Subscription period Point exchange amount when usage period for same model is one year or more*1*2
Battery pack for smartphone*3
Pocket Charger 05/5,000mAh
Pocket Charger 05/Micro-B
Length of use is 10 years or more 1,000 points
Length of use is 9 years or less 2,000 points
Battery pack for DOCOMO mobile phone Length of use is 10 years or more 500 points
Length of use is 9 years or less 1,000 points
  1. If the model of the FOMA, Xi (Crossy, 5G) phone has been changed or Battery Pack Anshin Support has been used, this is calculated starting from the last date on which either the corresponding model was changed or Battery Pack Anshin Support was used. Also, if you replace your phone with Mobile Device Protection Service, Mobile Device Protection & Delivery Service, or Smart Anshin Hoshou, the starting date will not be reset. However, the day to start counting is reset when the subscription is changed from Xi "crossy" to FOMA.
  2. If the number of points held at the time of application is less than that required for the exchange of a battery pack or pocket charger, Battery Pack Anshin Support cannot be used. docomo Points and d POINTs can be used together in combination.
  3. For some models of battery packs for smartphones and other devices, the provision conditions of battery packs for i-mode phones apply.

Compatible Models

FOMA, Xi (Crossy, 5G) phones

Check New windowdocomo Online ShopNew windowdocomo Online Shop (in Japanese only) for the battery pack or portable charger of the model you wish to use.

  • docomo Online Shop sells products. It does not provide products in exchange for points using Battery Pack Anshin Support. Use docomo Online Shop to check the compatible models.
  • Subscribers purchasing iPhone or iPad cannot use Battery Pack Anshin Support.
  • A model which is less than one year since the start of sales is not applicable.
  • Please note that this service may not be applicable depending on the model (e.g. some maker brand products).
  • The service does not apply to dtab.
  • The provision of a battery pack with Battery Pack Anshin Support is not available for models with a built-in battery pack. Only the corresponding compatible portable charger can be provided.
  • Check the models for which the provision of Battery Pack Anshin Support has ended and the models not applicable for Battery Pack Anshin Support in the following lists.

Application Procedure

You can apply at your nearest docomo Shop/d gardens.

docomo Shop
/d garden
docomo Shop/d garden

You can apply at your nearest docomo Shop/d gardens. See the pages of individual shops for details.

  • After an application is accepted at a docomo Shop/d garden, the product may be delivered (free of charge) to you by the "mail-bin" delivery service instead of being handed over at the shop if provision is difficult because of, for example, unavailability of stock. It may take about one week to get it to you. You may also have to wait even longer due to, for example, the unavailability of stock depending on the product you want.
Acceptance hours :
Within the business hours of the corresponding shop
  • The subscriber's name, date of birth, and other details will be verified when applying.


  • Once this service is used, it cannot be used again for one year.
  • This service is not applicable for a 2in1 B number subscription.
  • Please refrain from cancelling or changing the battery pack or portable charger you applied for.
  • An application may not be able to be accepted due to unavailability of stock.
  • The provision conditions of Battery Pack Anshin Support are subject to change without notice.
  • Please note that provision will end when the stock runs out.
  • Battery Pack Anshin Support applies to a battery pack or portable charger compatible with the mobile phone for which DOCOMO has the most recent record of sale. (A mobile phone not purchased from DOCOMO is not covered by this service.)
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