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Medium-Term Strategy 2020 "Declaration beyond"

NTT DOCOMO announced Medium-Term Strategy 2020 "Declaration beyond" on April 27, 2017.

Video Message from CEO: Medium-Term Strategy 2020 "Declaration beyond"

Press release announced on April 27, 2017

Medium-Term Strategy 2020 "Declaration beyond"

Looking ahead to the year 2020 and beyond, we will aim to amaze and inspire beyond expectations for our customers and create new values hand-in-hand with our partners by exceeding customers' expectations.

The word "beyond" reflects our will to transform ourselves to realize a richer future with 5G. For our customers, we will offer enhanced benefits and convenience as well as value and inspiration, such as enjoyment, surprise, satisfaction and peace of mind, and realize the co-creation of new values through "+d" initiatives such as making contributions to industries, solving social issues and expanding our partners' businesses.

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Corporate Philosophy

NTT DOCOMO's corporate philosophy towards the creation of a new world of communications culture.

Brand Vision

At DOCOMO, we strive to build a new life and society upon the foundation we created, providing more convenience and comfort to all our customers.

Corporate Vision

NTT DOCOMO's corporate vision for 2020, "HEART: Pursuing Smart Innovation."

Initiatives for Medium-term Targets

Please read through DOCOMO' s new initiatives for medium-term targets.

Basic Policies for Profit Distribution

We believe that providing adequate returns to shareholders is one of the most important issues in corporate management while raising corporate value through the growth and expansion of our businesses. We plan to pay dividends by taking into account our consolidated results, consolidated financial position and consolidated dividend payout ratio based on the principle of stable and sustainable dividend payments. We will also continue to take a flexible approach regarding share repurchases. We will consider retiring all treasury stock resulting from share repurchases while taking into consideration to the need to retain such stock.

In addition, we will allocate internal reserves to research and development efforts, capital expenditures, strategic investments and others for the purpose of generating innovative technologies, offering attractive services and expanding our business domains.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our corporate group aims to contribute to society by carrying out our business with integrity and living in harmony with society. Based on the philosophy described in our CSR Message, we will work to create abundance and convenience in life and culture, address issues of the global environment and tackle social concerns, so that we can contribute to sustainable development of the society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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