Corporate Philosophy

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Creating New Communications Culture

DOCOMO, Japan's largest mobile operator and a leading provider of integrated services centered on mobility, enhances the personal communication of its customers by creating new communications culture based on:

  • Reliable access
  • Real-time access
  • One-to-one e-communication

People benefit from the advancement of communications culture in many ways:

  • Freedom to enjoy communications anytime, anywhere with anyone
  • New customs and manners associated with e-communication
  • Unlimited lifestyle options and opportunities
  • Innovative and enriched communications

To achieve the goals

DOCOMO is working to deliver and strengthen these benefits by improving service quality, aggressively moving forward with the development of new services, and researching and developing more user-friendly communications interfaces. In addition, services and technologies are being provided in a diversifying range of business fields and platforms.

Satisfying Customers

True customer satisfaction is based on a number of factors:

  • Means of communication that are always ready when needed
  • Capability to contact whomever, from wherever and whenever
  • Happiness that comes from heart-to-heart communications
  • Helping customers realize their dreams
  • Responding to customers with consideration, courtesy and thoroughness
  • Products that provide easy, convenient and enhanced functionality

To achieve the goals

DOCOMO strives to fulfill the expectations of its customers through industry leadership in service quality, advanced networks, functionality and service area coverage. In addition, diversifying customer needs are being satisfied with an increasingly broad range of upgraded services at competitive rates.

Utilizing Human Resources

Superior human resources are required to devise and implement the company's bold initiatives. To ensure long-term sustainability and leadership, DOCOMO proactively nurtures its workforce through a number of forward-thinking policies and measures:

  • Stimulation of employees' challenging spirit
  • Corporate culture unrestricted by conventional thinking or systems
  • Dynamic internal communication free of vertical or horizontal barriers
  • Open corporate culture that welcomes the ideas and views of all employees
  • Creative office environment in which individuals can find fulfillment
  • Respect for the individuality and values unique to each person
  • Personnel evaluations based on merit

To achieve the goals

DOCOMO empowers individuals to achieve their utmost capabilities and thereby discover new potential. The company motivates employees not only by providing a dynamic workplace, but also by offering enlightened labor conditions and enhanced health and welfare benefits.

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