DOCOMO's Collection and Use of Information on Websites Customers Visit

NTT DOCOMO, INC. (hereinafter, "DOCOMO") uses DOCOMO's information collection module to collect and utilize information including access records (hereinafter, "website access information;" details defined as below) of website users (hereinafter, "customers").

If you do not want DOCOMO to collect website access information, this can be stopped using the methods stated below.

Collection of website access information is made possible by embedding DOCOMO's information collection module into DOCOMO or its partners' websites. When a customer accesses an information collection module-embedded website, the website access information is automatically sent to DOCOMO through the functions of the browser used on the customer's device.

Utilization of Information by DOCOMO

DOCOMO collects the following Web access information from the device used by a customer.

  1. Identifiers of browser used by the customer (cookies)
  2. Type of browser used by the customer
  3. Information of the website etc. the customer is requesting to view

DOCOMO will handle the collected information based on the Privacy Policy that has been separately released by DOCOMO or a contract or other provisions that have been entered between DOCOMO and the customer. The information gathered by DOCOMO may be provided to a third party if a separate agreement has been entered between DOCOMO and the customer.

NTT DOCOMO Privacy Policy

When a customer activates a DOCOMO account, DOCOMO combines the web access information with the individual identifier (ID) assigned to that customer, adds information such as the attributes of that account, and then utilizes the customer information within the purposes of usage specified above. Information added by DOCOMO does not include customer's names or other information that could potentially identify any specific customer.

How a Customer can Stop the Gathering of Web Access Information by DOCOMO

A customer can use the settings of the Web browser the customer uses to declare the intent to reject behavior tracking. DOCOMO will stop the gathering of Web access information if such intent has been expressed. While the configuration methods for the major browsers are introduced below, please see the help section of the respective browser for further details.

  • Chrome (ver. 57 for Windows)
    Click on "Settings" from the "Google Chrome Settings" button in the top right of the screen.
    → Click on "Advanced", and under "Privacy and security" check "Send a "Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic."
  • Internet Explorer (ver. 11 for Windows)
    Click on "Internet options" from the "Tools" button in the top right of the screen.
    → On the "Advanced" tab, check "Send Do Not Track requests to sites you visit in Internet Explorer", and click the "Apply" button.
  • Firefox (ver. 52 for Windows)
    Click on "Options" from the "Menu" button in the top right of the screen.
    → On the "Privacy" tab, click "manage your Do Not Track settings".
    → Check "Always apply Do Not Track" and click the "OK" button.
  • Safari (iOS version)
    Click the "Settings" tab from the home screen
    → On the "Safari" tab, check "Do Not Track" under the "Privacy & Security" section.

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