Content Filters Option

Subscription to the Content Filters Option, which blocks access to harmful sites, is recommended for minors who use d Wi-Fi.

  • The Content Filters Option can be used by anyone regardless of their age.
  • Application : Required

    Monthly charge : Free

Application Conditions

Customers must be subscribed to d Wi-Fi.

Access Restriction Categories

Illegal , inappropriate advocacy, adult, dating, grotesque, security, gambling, communication, adult oriented, occult.

  • Access to sites based on URL information registered in the URL database provided by NetStar Inc. Access cannot be restricted based on individual content. This option does not guarantee that all harmful sites will be blocked.
  • You cannot specify websites to exclude from the filter.

How to Apply

You can apply by PC, smartphone, docomo Feature Phone (sp-mode), phone, or at docomo Shop/d gardens.

  • Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
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