Message from the CEO


During the past year 2020, which we positioned as the “start year for growth in a new era,” we accelerated our efforts for new value creation and solution of social issues seizing the opportunity of the 5G service launch.

Our business operations were significantly affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the year. While promoting the transition to remote work across the entire organization, we maintained the customer services offered via our docomo Shops, call centers/operation centers and other locations where staff attendance was required amid a difficult environment. We have initiated the transition to remote operations for a part of our business activities, and we will further accelerate these undertakings as we move forward.

Amid the rapid shift to a remote-style society, mobile solutions were broadly adopted to serve various needs including remote learning and remote operations support, making contributions to socio-economic activities. However, our response to COVID-19 is not over yet, and we will continue to employ necessary measures in consideration of the new normal.

I positioned 2021 as the “year of challenge toward a ‘new DOCOMO’”. Last year, upon NTT’s takeover of DOCOMO as a wholly-owned subsidiary, we declared to expand from previously a mobile-centric company, and to change and evolve ourselves by strengthening our collaboration with the NTT group. We made this decision foreseeing five to ten years ahead, so we can grow stronger and larger and become an existence indispensable for society. This year, we will implement concrete actions in the five key business areas of telecommunications, Smart life, corporate sales & marketing, global and R&D to materialize our ambition.

(1) Telecommunications Business

In December 2020, we unveiled our new rate plan, “ahamo,” which will be provided through our online channel. We also announced to revise our existing plans to offer unlimited data access at more affordable rates with the aim of expanding the adoption of 5G, and to roll out a new rate plan for users switching to a smartphone for the first time. We will continue to provide price plans and services that are catered to the diverse needs of customers to address the pressing issue of reinforcing our customer base.
For the network, we will work on the expansion of our “Lightning Speed 5G” coverage with priority and strive for early realization of fixed-mobile converged networks in collaboration with NTT Communications.

(2) Smart Life Business

As we have achieved a steadfast expansion of our membership base, e.g., the number of “d POINT CLUB” members and “d-Barai” users, we will now aim to further evolve these services so they can garner “greater usage in customers’ everyday lives.” We will also expand the marketing solutions that leverage various data generated by our membership base. We apologize for the great inconvenience we caused to customers, financial institutions, and society last year by the fraudulent use of “docomo kouza” service. We will implement thorough security measures including an improvement of our internal structure to regain the trust and confidence we lost.
On the services front, we will drive innovation leveraging 5G, XR and other new technologies, and deliver new services and devices that can propose new lifestyles in the areas of video distribution and entertainment, etc.

(3) Corporate Sales and Marketing Business

We will expand the realms of our offerings, which have so far been centered on mobile, to provide total services and solutions including fixed-line networks and higher layers primarily through the collaboration with NTT Communications. Combining the customer bases and sales/marketing resources of the two companies, we will powerfully accommodate the increasingly diverse and complex needs of customers by the total group.
Furthermore, leveraging the “Business d Account” planned for launch in April, we will strongly support the digital transformation of our enterprise clients to offer convenience, safety, and security to their employees.

(4) Global Business

In addition to our conventional offerings, e.g., international roaming and carrier billing services, we will embark on a new challenge to develop a model to sell the 5G and IoT solutions that we developed and refined in Japan to overseas markets leveraging the NTT Group’s overseas assets.

(5) R&D

We will reinforce our service creation structure by stepping up agile development to enable early rollout of innovative and high-quality services. We will also promote research and development integrating DOCOMO’s wireless technologies with NTT Group’s technical prowess, with the goal of achieving international competitiveness in next-generation networks such as 6G and IOWN.

Through the above-mentioned initiatives, I would like to make 2021 the start year of DOCOMO’s transformation journey in which we will change ourselves without being bound by existing frameworks or precedents. We will aim to return to the No. 1 position in the industry at the earliest possible timing as a result of these endeavors.

January 2021

Motoyuki Ii
President & CEO

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